Daily Entry: May 1st, 2017

Mon May 1 13:58:16 EDT 2017

I have a habit of hanging with family when waking up. So I'm starting this upstairs on my chromebook here.

Meaning I'm temporarily back to vim!

And it's a vim without any of my .vimrc.

Maybe I should just do emacs....

Mon May 1 14:06:02 EDT 2017

Emacs, woo!

I don't remember how to do anything!

Wait, I remember how to save (Ctrl-X Crtl-S).

Going to go out to eat with family.

Emacs may be a mistake. Perhaps I should create a training regimen for editors and IDEs before starting one.

Mon May 1 20:16:24 EDT 2017

Time to dance!

Mon May 1 20:53:49 EDT 2017

Kept it light today, as I've already eaten and am still quite full.

It's actually amazing that "light" now was almost too much about a month ago or so.

Mon May 1 20:54:18 EDT 2017

So, now starts the habit of coming here instead of going to YouTube or Reddit when I have momentary downtime.

Or, rather, now starts the attempt at cultivating such a habit.

I'll be showering soon, and afterwards I may be playing some Overwatch.

Just caught myself going to Five Thirty Eight.

Time to add that site to my "Premium Sites" list.

This reminds me, though, that I want to remake that extension. It's setup is flawed, I think. I gain currency to spend on the premium sites by not going there for periods of time. Perhaps it'd be better to gain currency by doing things I would like to do.

Mon May 1 20:59:51 EDT 2017

Let's review the days I haven't so far.

April 26th

This review is its own post.

It reminded me to log the things I should have logged so far throughout today:

  • 10 pull ups (with assistance).
  • 6 songs danced

April 27th

A nice, lazy day used to recharge.

April 28th

Another lazy day, but with exercise, kept stats.

April 29th

Lost to time. I honestly couldn't revive any proper memory of the day.

April 30th

"Properish" day is about right. Managed to do some productive web dev stuff for a friend. It ended up taking me longer than I anticipated, so I didn't review any of the things I would've liked to.

Took the day off from exercise as I had worked pretty hard the prior two days.

The web dev stuff I did could be made into a problem-statement for my training regimen, so I think I'll do that.

Mon May 1 21:15:36 EDT 2017

All right, so after shower, I will do some problem-statement construction.

I may also need to do some hard thinking on when I'll redo these problems.

Mon May 1 21:28:18 EDT 2017

Back from shower.

First instinct was to go to browser and maybe go to one of the usual sites. Not to note anything here.

Need to work on that.

Which this right here is a form of! Progress.

Mon May 1 21:30:12 EDT 2017

All right, I wanted to create about three problem-statements. Maybe more.

Let's do the two I did through HackerRank now.

Mon May 1 21:47:09 EDT 2017

Friend Circles Problem-Statement.

I will now play Overwatch. Tomorrow I'll do the other problem-statement, and hopefully one or two post-mortems.

Mon May 1 23:14:40 EDT 2017

Played Overwatch. Ate more.

Going to watch YouTube now.