Daily Entry: October 30th, 2018

There's a bunch of stuff I don't care to read in my daily diary. I skip right past it except for when I'm trying to gather some details. I'm thinking that I should have another place for that stuff, and just my day-to-day thoughts can be written down here.

So, logs are here from now on.

Today's log.

Work Thinking

I have not made the progress planned in my design doc already. I didn't allocate time for polishing PRs and editing them for feedback. Today was quite a bit of that (I have split the work into several JIRA tickets worth of PRs).

This is something to keep in mind for the next design doc. I will note in the timeblock which pomodoros were what.

This is something my pomodoro tool should do automatically, and yet another reason to jump back into its development.

This is fine, though. I didn't expect to be good at planning right out of the gate. I need to make sure I do a post-mortem.


I did not make time for climbing today. I may not make time for climbing tomorrow, either. If I don't get any climbing in during the week days, I will climb both days of the weekend.

I did 5 sets of 3 pull ups today. I'm doing various means of around 15 pull ups. Tomorrow, I may try 6-5-4.

I ended up walking to work to get some errands done on the way to work. Specifically, I dropped off the wife and mine's votes in the ballot box. I also returned the books I had to the library and picked up a new one (Thinking in Bets).

I did, however, run home in 22:58. That's slightly faster than 10 minutes per mile, which is great for a recovery run. Might be a sign that my "normal" running speed is getting faster.

Too many times I did stretching and planking after making this post, so I made sure to do it before today. Managed a 2:15 plank. I time with a clock just because I'm curious. During the plank I'm counting breaths. I held for 80 breaths today. I plan to hold for 90 tomorrow.

Personal Projects

I've been letting this area slip. But! stuff I'm doing at work may be developing a useful skill for home projects: planning and estimating. It may also be prudent to find a group of peers that will motivate me to keep going on these projects.

In any case, I need to step up my IGDA game, been letting it slip. At the same time, I really want to make a better pomodoro app for my personal use. I need to track more things!


As of last Saturday, I have finished PEAK. I really enjoyed it and am trying to apply it in various areas of my life:

  • work
  • exercise
  • personal projects (this one is proving a bit stubborn)

I also read a pretty terrible book before PEAK called the New One-Minute Manager. It's not that it didn't have any good content. It's that it had very little good content. It was already a super short book, but I think there were maybe 4 good pages in it, and the good I found I had already gotten similar stuff from 4DX.

But all this thinking has led me to realize... I've gotten a fair amount of reading in this year. I may want to have a bit at the end of the year where I review all those books.

A lot of it is properly stored in my library lists. Yep! 10 books (12 counting cookbooks) this year. I'm going at a book per month rate! That's pretty exciting.

Something to think about.

I also did some browsing of twitter today and read the usual blogs.


Work has a lot of audible distractions lately so I've been listening to Here's How on endless repeat to help me focus.


Been watching Daredevil (season 3) on Netflix. It's starting off pretty strong, I think. We'll see if it has that usual slump in the middle.


I have revised how I go about this diary. I got my log elsewhere, which holds all those checklists and stuff I fill out each day. I'm also no longer doing time stamps. It was a good idea at the time, but they're kinda just placed randomly. Now, there's some struture with some actual headings.

I think this will be vastly supperior, and also it should help me develop my writing capabilities a bit. A few too many of my sentences start with "I", Stephan.

Linking to the log at the beginning of each post may help things out for when I'm reviewing past posts.

My whole blog setup for this diary (and now log) is wrong. There are processes that I'm expected to use. I'll fix it sometime soon (making an action item for it).