Daily Entry: October 31st, 2018

Today's log.

Looking at the Past

It is the third mensiversary of the shock to my system, and my productivity is resilient, but I want it to be ever better. 50 pomodoros doesn't feel good enough anymore, really. Though perhaps it is the quality and strictness of my sytem. Something to ruminate on.

Though, I got some good stuff from my tech lead today. It was sent to me in private so I will keep it as such.

Yesterday, I revised the formal structure of my day-to-day posts. It's an exciting thing, Stephan. And painful. Reading yesterday's post... ugh. So many sentences starting with the same word. Just a long big of grabbing information and writing it down without any thought to its surrounding context. No flow and no rhythm. Clearly an instance of missing the forest for the trees. Let's fix that. Or, well, let's work on it.

The time has come to be better.


The time has come to practice at being better.

Work Thinking

The stats for my work can be in my log, Stephan. This area is for work. There were several factors working against me being productive today:

  • a hard run to work
  • a field trip as I got to work
  • some... questionable sleep quality

There was a fight today to be productive at all. I watched YouTube, I read articles, I napped. The nap, perhaps, helped. But what definitely helped was me chanting, in my head, over and over, "Start a pomodoro."

Only got 4 in, but that's something. Falling further behind my work goals, but I'm still making progress and should have an additional PR to get feedback on tomorrow.

Also, I seriously underestimated the feedback I would receive. Need to plan for that for sure next time, and make sure I get chunks out fast enough for feedback. No large PRs. Ever! It doesn't have to be shipped, it just has to be made in chunks, and can be stitched and shipped together when all the pieces have been peer reviewed.


Looking very likely that I'll be running during the weekdays and climbing on the weekends. Running was hard today. A hard win in the morning and a hard slog on my way home. Stretching was a chore, and planking was painful. I'm leaning into this feeling but will keep myself from going too far. Strong and fast, not injured and limping.


Thinking in Bets is already a provoking bit of reading. The gist I have gotten so far is that life is an "incomplete information" game, and thus we have to make bets based on that information. The purpose of the book, I gather, is to help the reader divide the quality of one's decisions from the quality of one's results, and from there learn to make higher quality decisions.

I'm excited to dive deeper, Stephan.


The insight is, as usual, that lazy me is not to be trusted. If I should be working and am not, the answer is either a nap or to start the ritual to start working anyways.