Daily Entry: November 1st, 2018

Today's log.

Looking at the Past

Past me had some solid advice: lazy me is not to be trusted. I found myself tired as I arrived home, and ended up reading Thinking in Bets instead of following the plan.

At one point, I considered just trying to go to sleep early. No, no, no, I have a ritual I agreed to do. So, stretching, planking, and then this review is what I did. We can talk about that more below.

Work Thinking

I think I'm in a solid place at work. Things are taking longer than anticipated, but I think I can still make my estimated goal, as I have vastly decreased scope of the task via removing unnecessary work. Tomorrow, I'll get all the PRs necessary for the task out for review. Monday, I'll address feedback, and Tuesday I'll deploy.


Planking is painful in a paranoia-inducing way, so I'm not pushing it right now. I have only just restarted the habit, and I'm really pushing my body in other exercises, so let's just be nice to myself here and stay between 1 and 2 minutes of planking for a bit.

Until I'm back to waking up around 0600, I will be climbing both weekend days. This means quite a bit of exercise everyday... so we'll see if I don't cut out some running somewhere else if it seems to be too much.

I have realized something very important: I hate stretching. There is always friction to start a stretching session. Sometimes I enjoy the stretching itself, but it's quite possible I will not. But I am always glad I stretched when I did. This is one of those things that Peak discussed: getting better is not fun. But the rewards are worth it. Focus on why it needs to be done, not how much I don't want to do it.

Personal Projects

There was plannend time for personal projects today, but once again I am letting it slide. I think I might be able to sleep early today, and that's worth trying. Personal project time will happen, though, Stephan. It will. This weekend at the very least. But it will return to the everyday.

Just not today.


Really enjoying Thinking in Bets. It has become a book about methods to overcoming one's own biases. Which I am super down for.