Daily Entry: November 2nd, 2018

Today's log..

Work Thinking

The project I'm working on will be finished on time, but it definitely is not going according to the plan. I'm also not documenting what's going on enough. I need to do a post-mortem so I can improve on this sort of thing moving forward.


I may be getting a tiny bit ill? So I've decided to just do the exercises, but not push it at all. Recovery-mode only. I ran slowly to work, skipped pull ups, and walked home.

Personal Projects

I have a lot of stuff to start momentum for here. This weekend it'll be a serious goal to:

  • diagnose what's wrong with the wife's computer
  • start working on my timer remake again
  • get outstanding IGDA stuff handled

Need to avoid reading the book this weekend. I'm already well on-pace to finishing it before it's due.


Thinking in Bets continues to be a solid read. Thankfully, I think I've already internalized what this book has to say. What I think this book is attempting to teach is how to be intellectually honest. Something I noticed as lacking in myself around highschool, and something I still have a long way to go on.

Thinking about how I could execute various things better is something I already do, even if I did well at whatever I'm reflecting on. Further, I have a buddy setup in my wife, who is ever patient with my slow progress. Even at work I have several people keeping me honest (and who are thrilled with how well I respond to feedback).

So, I'm in a pretty good place for self-improvement. I'm even being challenged with information incomplete situations, and now I'm noting them more.

But, I'm reading a bit too much and not doing enough (at least at home), so I shall abstain from reading more of this book this weekend.