Daily Entry: November 29th, 2018

Today's log.

The Return

It's been a while, and it's been sporadic. I'm hoping to be back to daily posts starting today. I got sick last Saturday, and have been sick up until today. I only took Monday off from work, but I have basically been cooped up in my living room for basically the whole last three days.

I'm still perhaps a bit ill, but I'm tired of laying about, so I'm heading to work today.


So, I lost a lot of this month, in a sense. These logs are the way I like to capture memories. Photos aren't reall my aesthetic, Stephan. But I think I've repeated a past mistake with logging. I added too many things to my daily routine, and I simply didn't give it priority anymore.

My daily review never stayed within a single pomodoro, and quite often took up two. The value-time density decreased drastically.

The problem was a quantity of two categories:

  1. Logging things inefficiently in hopes that future me will use the data and improve methodology (probable waste of effort)
  2. Adding logs of things that are not worth tracking (complete waste of effort)

Examples of the first type would be my sleep questions. weight logging, and calorie logging. There are all worth doing, mind you, but I'm well past edidor prototype phase and instead need to save this data to a database and also actually chart these things and probably work on a consistent system of capturing all nutrition information.

Examples of the second would be the recent addition of daily goals in my log. Goals are good, but they aren't checklist items. They require rumination. Daily goals are the sort of things I'll do before the creation of a checklist.

I also simply need to prune the things I do on a daily basis. It can't grow past a certain point or I'll stop maintaining this habit at all. I have created these systems before and abandoned them after months of steadily increasing their responsibilities. Eventually, it is doing more than it can handle and becomes too unwieldy to use.

This diary, however, has outlasted all previous setups, so there is something tenacious here. A mutation and evolution is required at this point before it can grow into something even greater, however.

Developing my personal tools will be my main priority during my productive spare time going forward.

Writing that forces me to come to terms with my need to end my IGDA ties. I need to make a plan to end my volunteering with them without simply abandoning them. Having a conversation with fellow admins will be necessary.

There is probably some specific amount of work I can do, and can agree to do with my fellow admins before bowing out.