Daily Entry: April 12th, 2017

Wed Apr 12 08:59:18 EDT 2017

I want to start doing end-of-day reviews. And my end-of-day is coming up. I may decide that starting a diary entry when I wake up is more important than trying to stick to normal conventions of a day via the proper date.

Wed Apr 12 09:00:22 EDT 2017

Alarm just went off. I need to call some financial peoples about unlocking my account.

I think I'll put it off until tomorrow. Feeling pretty tired.

No. That's wrong. I should do it. Let me push some my changes on the project I'm working on and then call the peoples.

Wed Apr 12 09:16:16 EDT 2017

Took a break after pushing stuff and communicating with people that I pushed stuff. Now it's time to call peoples.

Wed Apr 12 09:42:14 EDT 2017

Call with peoples went smoothly. Review coming shortly.

End-of-Day Review

Wed Apr 12 09:49:47 EDT 2017

Okay, first end-of-day review time.

I think I can just post scattered thoughts here. I mean, formulization comes later.

Current editor: VSCode.

Future editors/IDEs being considered:

  • Atom
  • Wing IDE.

Current weight: 215 lbs

Exercise of the day:

  • approximately 1 hour of Just Dance
  • 15 minutes of stretching
  • 1 minute plank
  • 1.5 minutes horse stance
  • no pullups :(

Eating habits: snacked throughout day


Listened to:

Scattered Thoughts I Remember Having Throughout the Day

Still really glad I set up my desk as a standing desk. I ended up watching Voltron standing at my desk. It's even better than the setup I had at work because there is no means for me to sit down whilst being on this computer. If I really want to sit down and use a computer, I have to switch to my laptop, which has a limited subset of capabilities compared to this computer.

I have gained weight since I have arrived here, but only recently, and only really since I setup my standing desk and started dancing everyday (with more dancing each day so far). I even feel skinnier and feel like I look skinnier. Perhaps I have put on some muscle? Maybe weight loss will follow? I have been eating more, that is true. Something to continue to consider.

I would like to be more consistent about pull ups. I do them some days but not others. I am stuck at doing 2 in a row for a reason.

I would like to more regularly log thoughts into this diary. Specifically stuff that gets lost quickly as it arrives, like my emotion in the moment. Deep Work has a section talking about a study that had people use a pager/smart phone as notifications to capture the moment. Perhaps I should look up that study to further glean their methodology.

I still reddit more than I would like. /r/politics is probably bad for my mind and health, and falls prey to leftist propaganda, which I am very suspectible to, being a hard-left person. I rarely look back on my time there positively. It is an addiction I need to learn to overcome.

I may need to ask for assistance from friends/family.

I have made enough progress on personal project to actual start working on the project itself, and not the foundation on which the website will stand. Exciting. Also, a little bit... "I've only come this far after that much work?", but that's life.

I'm considering moving ahead on other project without person for now, as that person is busy moving. He has given me the gist of what he wants to do, and I feel I could help significantly, and it has given me some ideas I want to execute on.


Oh, yeah.

Ideas I Want to Execute On

Wed Apr 12 10:05:21 EDT 2017

Quick break. Arms aren't used to typing this much at a time.

Wed Apr 12 10:12:33 EDT 2017

All right. There are things I want to do or be doing that I haven't done or am not doing.

Which is to say, there are things I can finish that I haven't started, and things that are more of an ongoing process that I am not doing what-so-ever.

Examples of the former:

  • Publishing material on the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Formalizing my thoughts of various video games including but no limited to:
    • Star Fox
    • Portal
    • Half-Life
  • Writing various forms of fiction that have been floating in my brain for forever

Examples of the latter:

  • Learning to draw
  • Learning Japanese
  • Creating a spaced repetition training program
  • Creating a VR demo
    • Exploring the possibility of building muscle memory via VR demo
  • Vlogging
    • YouTube video creation in general

I find myself disappointed at my lack of progress, but am now at the point where at least I feel I am making progress. For instance, some ideas I have had I am executing on:

  • Learning to dance
  • Recording my playing of video games for future use
  • Working on website-related projects
  • Working on game-development-related projects
  • Having a standing desk for my home-office setup (which is currently my only office)
  • Slowly designing my life such that I make the "right" decision naturally

Things are very much mutating in the direction I want them to be mutating in.

I mean, I'm actually reviewing the day here! And it's kinda coming out like a blog post from 2015, but more raw and with less... expectation of an audience with it. This is me exploring how I feel and what I want to do in writing.


Even if you are reading this, Stephan. Which I think you are.

Though, if I write enough each day it may overwhelm your time constraint. I've had that happen.

But that's besides the point.

I'm doing things. And I'm improving at doing things. And I'm hoping I can keep that going.

Let's Focus on the Dancing for a Bit

So, I say that I'm "learning to dance". Specifically, I'm playing Just Dance 2017 almost everyday. It would be everyday, but it's actually pretty decent exercise, and a day off from time to time is probably a good idea.

I have recently started recording my efforts (though I may want to change how), and it's too bad I didn't start earlier, because already I feel I've made progress that I would like to verify in video form.

But I'm glad I didn't use my lack of record-keeping as an excuse to not do anything at all.

In any case, I've gone from not being able to dance at all to being really, really bad at it, so there's plenty of progress to capture properly. The first step really is to just dance, and it's good I have a game that's just that.

Dancing has been something I wanted to work on for a while, but never made a part of my schedule. Turns out, I feel quite comfortable replacing running with dancing. I was, in fact, going to do both, but after 30 minutes of dancing I am out of breath and sweating, and that counts as a run as far as I'm concerned. In fact, it's probably better than running (lots of other muscles being used).

I'm a fan of doing things that have multiple purposes. Running has a use in that being good at running can be useful in some situations, but it seems more likely that dancing will be useful more often to me, simply via the nature of my first world existence.

Anyways, I actually felt like the obvious first step would be to watch dancing, and try to replicate it. Even with that thought, and knowledge of what Just Dance was, I never thought to use the game to do just that. Even though I am a huge believer in using games for exactly such a purpose. I don't know where the disconnect was.

I mean, I do kinda dislike Ubisoft as a company, but I don't think it's that.

And now I also have the next step in mind: recording my dancing, identifying where I'm weak, and practicing those bits explicitly. Which is great because today I finally set it up so I record myself while playing Just Dance. It's kinda funky but functional.


"Just Dance does just that", and now "funky but functional". Forgot how inclined I am to word-play.

In any case, it further cements how useful an actual game is to my goal. When getting better at various other games, I do the same thing. I record my own playing, and I also watch people who play better than me to learn from them. I mean, this is something that was taught to me in chess team in high school. Why is it not ingrained in my life proper?

Gamifying My Life Has Clear Benefits and I Need to Do More of It

Studying Japanese, coding, memorization of various useful facts. Gamify!

Oh, yeah, I also want to try and make a skill tree, but with real skills and real--what's the word I'm having trouble finding it--prerequisites to those skills being necessary to "unlock" before beginning to unlock the next one.

I haven't really played games with such skill trees. I'm talking the stuff found in Diablo and World of Warcraft. I saw them in passing and I feel they could be cool to use in real-life executed better than how college does it.

I Had Promised to Ramble About Editor/IDE Choice but Have Lost the Spark

I was having an email conversation with a project ally the other day, and he said he was going to use Wing IDE unless I had strong feelings otherwise. I was about to go on a long spiel philosophically before telling him I was willing to try out Wing IDE to help him out, and then I just cut that out and told him the end of it. But I put in a, "I could ramble on my history/philosophy of editors/IDEs for quite a while if you want to read it" and he does, so I said I would.

But just thinking about it up until now has felt... insignificant. I already wrote a lot and thought a lot and now doing it again makes me feel like I'm stating obvious things.

I've heard writers say they come to hate their writing by the time they publish, and it feels like I lose interest on the second go-around.

Something to overcome? I think so. Perhaps I'll make a proper post(s) about editors/IDEs. Perhaps I'll turn it into a vlog while I'm at it.

I Think That's Enough

Wed Apr 12 10:40:33 EDT 2017

Going to play Zelda until I decide to go to sleep.

Daily Entry: April 10th, 2017

Mon Apr 10 03:39:14 EDT 2017

Exciting things are happening, Stephan.

Not been keeping a good log of it whilst I've been doing it.

To be fair, niece and nephew are solid distractions during normal hours, and during down-time hours I'm fairly deep into two different projects.

Nevermind the Just Dance dancing I've been pretty good about (and other exercise, too).

Nothing super, super exciting, but still pretty cool and a good trajectory.

Mon Apr 10 20:15:00 EDT 2017

Back after sleeping and hanging with family... and grocery shopping.

Finished the Sopranos today.

Going to start doing some serious work on a website project today. All the foundation is in place. Should be fun.

Mon Apr 10 22:44:04 EDT 2017

Been hanging out instead of being productive. Going to start being productive now.

Time to switch the site I'm working on to somewhere other than ksionda.me/django/ (that shouldn't lead anywhere anymore so I'm not linking to it).

Mon Apr 10 22:48:17 EDT 2017

Listening to a podcast while doing this. Not sure if this is splitting my attention too much but it seems to be working fine.

Daily Entry: April 7th, 2017

Fri Apr 7 22:20:47 EDT 2017

Starting diary late today as I had a niece and nephew to entertain (well, actually 1st cousins once removed, but that's a mouthful).

Also, a tree to pull down. And in pulling down that tree, now another tree needs to be pulled down. Maybe tomorrow.

Fri Apr 7 22:21:44 EDT 2017

Anyways, some days I just won't write in my diary as periodically as other days. Hopefully I can write in it everyday, more-or-less.

We'll see.

Fri Apr 7 22:22:17 EDT 2017

Today, I want to put gitlab on this here website. I would like it to be found at gitlab.ksionda.me. The part that will take the most waiting is telling Gandi and/or Linode (I think just Ghandi) that I want such a subdomain.

So, let's do that first.

Looks like it's Linode that I do it, actually.

Fri Apr 7 22:28:35 EDT 2017

Oh, yeah, something I want to do later is actually have rory@ksionda.me be my email address.

Fri Apr 7 22:42:18 EDT 2017

Thought from current chat:

"Make sense" is a statement communicating confusion.

"Makes sense" is one of understanding.

"One letter makes all the difference." to quote the person I was talking with.

Daily Entry: April 6th, 2017

Thu Apr 6 18:19:54 EDT 2017


Thu Apr 6 18:22:10 EDT 2017

Needed to update VSCode there.

Anyways, started this here diary a bit late today, but I've gotten my stretching and my exercising in, and also some cooking. I think I'll need to keep running everyday, the Just Dance dancing and this here standing desk aren't enough, but I'm feeling pretty good.

Anyways, I'd like to put in a solid 35 minutes of work towards site setup starting...

Thu Apr 6 18:23:33 EDT 2017


Thu Apr 6 18:37:25 EDT 2017

I notice I keep distracting myself from staying on task via drinking sips of water. I think I'll avoid doing that, I think I drink plenty of water as is anyways.

Thu Apr 6 18:42:43 EDT 2017

Gots to see if things startup when server does, so restarting server now.

Daily Entry: April 5th, 2017

Wed Apr 5 12:33:27 EDT 2017

After a long bit of laziness and forgetfullness, I'm back.

I'm also hoping to actually be working on projects soon. I've setup my desk into a standing desk (picture soon), organized both my physical inbox and my email inbox, and caught up on five months of tickler inactivity. For the last few days I've been doing tickler stuff right away. Feels pretty good.

Had an email conversation with someone you might know, Stephan. He thought Atom seemed like the obvious choice.

No real reason not to explore both and choose eventually.

Though, if Atom has macros (it seems VSCode does not), it may be a no-brainer.

Wed Apr 5 12:36:11 EDT 2017

Just did a quick Google, seems Atom does have macros? May be an extension. We'll see.

Wed Apr 5 12:37:50 EDT 2017

Trying out timeblocking today. Not sure how I want to go about it, I'll want to review it each day to come up with better execution strategies, I think. Weekly reviews should start becoming a thing, too.

Wed Apr 5 14:07:23 EDT 2017

Watched some Rick and Morty with fam. Going to play some Just Dance with wife.

Will probably stretch and run afterwards.

Wed Apr 5 16:17:56 EDT 2017

Just Dancing tired me out a lot more than I anticipated. Might not run. About to finish stretching (watched more Rick and Morty with cousin).

Having trouble staying focused. I need to start a proper half-hour of focused work soon. Well, that's the plan anyways. A half-hour with a solid goal of something to have finished by the end of it.

Wed Apr 5 17:00:34 EDT 2017

Stretched, showered, and thinking I should really start my half-hour....

Wed Apr 5 17:25:41 EDT 2017

All right, at 17:30 I will start doing programming-related thing. Until then I will watch as much of Youtube video I'm watching (won't finish it).

Wed Apr 5 17:33:09 EDT 2017

Oops, got absorbed. Pausing now.

Wed Apr 5 17:33:21 EDT 2017

All right, all right. I need to do something. Doesn't matter what, I can reflect later and prioritize then. I have something a friend wants to make with me, and I haven't done anything with it for weeks, let's do that.

First step: make a section of my site run via Django. Which means plugging into my nginx setup. And I've had [this page][http://uwsgi-docs.readthedocs.io/en/latest/tutorials/Django_and_nginx.html] open for exactly that purpose for weeks now. I'll be glad to exit that page. I should be able to have the Django startup stuff setup before 1800, so let's do this.

Wed Apr 5 17:36:58 EDT 2017

Listening to music to drown out any possible distractions.

Opening nginx site configuration file.

Wed Apr 5 18:01:50 EDT 2017

Failed to get this setup working by 1800. Damn. Followed tutorial and page timed out.

Wed Apr 5 18:08:29 EDT 2017

Figured it out thanks to a Stack Overflow post.

Need to switch "--http :8001" to "--socket :8001".

All right, got a hello world up. Not even a django site. Next block will be for a Django site. I'll do at least one more half-hour block today. Tomorrow will be two 35-minute blocks. I will increase the timing of the blocks by 5 minutes until I got two 2-hour blocks. Those'll be my "deep work" blocks. Shallow-work and various other productive work will still be desired and necessary.

Wed Apr 5 18:25:22 EDT 2017

Did a Just Dance break with wife. I am determined to get good at "Put a Ring On It" song.

Wed Apr 5 22:27:26 EDT 2017

Spent some time lollygagging. The wife would like to play Overwatch, but I need to do one more productive chunk, so until 2300 I will work some more on site.

Wed Apr 5 23:13:29 EDT 2017

Through an incredibly distracting bit of time, I have nginx serving the django server. ksionda.me/django is now complaining about trying to access from a disallowed host, which is django setup stuff, which will be what I get done tomorrow.

Wed Apr 5 23:16:57 EDT 2017

Now it is time to play some Overwatch.

Well, after I finish brewing tomorrow's coffee.

That reminds me, I need to start studying Japanese again.

If you're wondering how coffee reminded me to start studying Japanese again. Though I correctly wrote it as coffee, I said it in my head as koohii, which is the way it is said in Japanese.

Wed Apr 5 23:20:40 EDT 2017

Overwatch time. Closing diary. See you tomorrow.

Daily Entry: March 17th, 2017

Fri Mar 17 01:35:08 EDT 2017

Ended up playing some video games and then took a two-hour nap. Now it's Friday.

Beauty and the Beast comes out today. Will probably see it after a proper sleep.

Going to play a bit of Overwatch soon here. Been playing as much as four hours a day for a bit, but today it'll probably be less.

Fri Mar 17 03:47:05 EDT 2017

Overwatch play has stopped. I will play some more by myself, possibly. But first, food!

Fri Mar 17 04:41:56 EDT 2017

Food was quite good (did some kitchen cleaning whilst I made something on the stove).

Fri Mar 17 04:43:32 EDT 2017

Watching some Youtubes.

Fri Mar 17 04:54:35 EDT 2017

Interrupting youtubes to lay down for a bit.

Fri Mar 17 07:33:27 EDT 2017

Got around to lots more youtubes whilst playing FTL on the side.

Fri Mar 17 07:49:55 EDT 2017

Let's read some Cracking the Coding Interview.

Fri Mar 17 07:58:16 EDT 2017

I'm going to take a route with this book I haven't taken before, but I know may be worth while. I'm going to focus on the sections that seem more relevant to me and skip over everything else. This book is massive, and I may be short on time (I agreed to try for Google soon and would like to make a strong go).

This book seems organized in such a way that it'll be easy to do this. There's even a section early on called "The Google Interview". I won't be reading "The Amazon Interview" or "The Facebook Interview". Not yet, anyways.

Hmmmm.... Being an SDET (software engineer in test) is actually of interest to me. I wonder if profiling is a part of such a job.

Fri Mar 17 08:06:54 EDT 2017

The "Before the Inverview" section has some good tips for resume building. As a person with free time, I might want to execute some of these tips if I haven't already.

Fri Mar 17 08:12:22 EDT 2017

There's a preparation map!

Hmmmm.... It looks like I got the "1+ Year before interview" part down, thankfully. Personal projects and coding language diversity could be a bit better, but I think it's manageable. I might want to brush up on my C, Java, and bash if I want to keep them on my resume. I might not be able to answer questions about them if asked. Maybe SQL stuff, too.

Fri Mar 17 08:25:38 EDT 2017

Sent timeline thoughts to Google friend, and took a "premium sites" break.

Fri Mar 17 08:32:35 EDT 2017

Reading a bit of the book made me think of projects I want to work on.

The first thing that comes to mind is something related to FTL. Like, there's a lot I could do. Long-term would be an AI that plays the game, gathers various data, and I reverse engineer it to play on the browser. That's super long term and probably won't happen. Shorter term would be a website helper pretending to be a "computer subsystem". In various sci-fi there's often some AI that gives chances of things happening based on chosen actions. Considering the rather ridiculous amount of events in the game, the RNG nature of the game (which differ based on the area you're exploring), and the various things that allow for new options to events (species represented in crew, installed weapons/drones/systems, etc), there's a lot of chances to consider.

It would also add to the unlock nature of the game. Chances wouldn't automatically be known, the computer would need to be updated with each event and the possible outcomes and their chance of happening would become more complete through repetition.

Maybe I should just start working on it next time I start playing FTL.

Fri Mar 17 11:23:28 EDT 2017

Aunt and uncle awake so I hung out with them and made some fries.

Watching some more youtubes now.

Not feeling tired yet. Did have a solid nap in the middle of my "day".

Fri Mar 17 12:18:17 EDT 2017

Sleep time.

Fri Mar 17 22:16:20 EDT 2017

Woke up about 6 hours ago. Lil' cousins were visiting. Watched Trolls and Frozen.

Trolls was the best bad movie I've ever seen (more on that later?).

Sat Mar 18 05:18:50 EDT 2017

Played about 5.5 hours of Overwatch. Maybe too much. Maybe need nap. Not sure. Going to probably play FTL.

Sat Mar 18 21:39:33 EDT 2017

The lil' cousins are here for whole weekend. Properly distracted by them.

Daily Entry: March 16th, 2017

Thu Mar 16 03:43:07 EDT 2017

Okay, I've been bad.

At the very least, let's just log everything I'm doing.

How much memory does VSCode take up?

Very little.

Yeah, I can just keep these open throughout the day.

Thu Mar 16 03:44:33 EDT 2017

Anyways, the one good thing I'm doing is exercising everyday. Today looks like it may be an unplanned day off, but even if it is, I'll be back at it tomorrow.

Right now it's around freezing outside, so I've been using my aunt's treadmill. I'm quite capable of running outside without any need of distraction, but running in place requires something. So I've been re-listening to "Deep Work" by Cal Newport. I think listening to it will inspire me to start buckling down and work on projects proper.

At least, I hope so.

Going to have to do something.

Thu Mar 16 03:47:20 EDT 2017

I shall now return to watching YouTube reruns of people streaming their playing Overwatch.

Thu Mar 16 03:49:38 EDT 2017

Also, read some webcomics (even though it'll cost me fake currency from my Browsing Costs [Chrome extension]).

Thu Mar 16 04:04:01 EDT 2017

Feeling a bit tired, but I don't think I want to sleep. Didn't sleep much last "night", because I thought my Nintendo Switch was coming today. Instead, everything else in the bundle came today. Misread the email.

Perhaps I should play some vidja games. Been switching between FTL, Overwatch, and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Already played FTL and Overwatch today. Don't particularly feel like playing Melee.


Thu Mar 16 04:11:24 EDT 2017

Watching Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2 speedrun.

Thu Mar 16 08:15:18 EDT 2017

Ended up playing FTL.

Feeling somewhat tired, but not sure if want sleep.

Thu Mar 16 08:25:32 EDT 2017

Now I am reading today's Love Joy Feminism post.

It is making me think of how I would go about convincing people of things.

I think the answer is to stop framing it that way, and actually stop trying in that sense. Though, really, it's more complicated than that (I love Ze Frank).

I've read some things about convincing people. The first thing that comes to mind is the Science of Social Change by Nicky Case. I have this article saved as an email to myself under the tag "Actions". In that email I write: "Internalize it." I'm having trouble properly summing it up without rereading it right now. I suppose it isn't properly internalized.

I'll reread it after I finish the Love Joy Feminism post.

Thu Mar 16 08:35:56 EDT 2017

Sometimes, I have pretend conversations with pretend people. Or rather, sometimes I make up a scenario that may not even include me and have the people in the scenario say things. Of course, they say things I agree with, but there's some sort of distancing that I'm doing. These events pass by without any real intrinsic staying power. They're easy to forget, but I think maybe worth remembering.

I think I'll start writing these things down. Explore this thing I do a bit more instead of letting it passively happen.

Thu Mar 16 08:41:03 EDT 2017

I have finished the Love Joy Feminism post and am now reading the Science of Social Change.

Whilst reading that, I am reminded that another article about changing people's minds that I like is Film Crit Hulk SMASH: Martin Scorsese Will Let You Be Wrong. This one I remember a bit better (probably because I read it more recently). It can be summed up as: "Make the strongest argument for the opposition and show how it fails. Do not nitpick little details, topple the very foundation."

Back to Science of Social Change.

Thu Mar 16 08:47:49 EDT 2017

Oh, hey, I played this guy's game, :the game:.

I remember enjoying it.

Thu Mar 16 08:50:33 EDT 2017

"I've written lots about Miguel Sabido before[...]".

Oh, yeah, this part of the article is pretty good. I should read more about this Miguel Sabido guy, and apparently this Nicky Case has written more about him. That's ample opportunity right there.

Thu Mar 16 08:52:33 EDT 2017

I'm beginning to fall down a rabit hole of links now.

Is this okay?

Better than browsing Reddit, so sure.

Thu Mar 16 08:54:25 EDT 2017

I'm building a sumamry of this Science of Social Change article now. One key element: people will not magically suddenly understand a differing viewpoint and change their mind. Something that seems clear to a person will simply reinforce their beliefs (even if the thing is actually clear evidence that such beliefs are wrong). Actually changing someone's mind should start with them being confused by the information they're consuming. They should need time to process.

Really, this is one-third of one section of the article, but it was the part that I have the most experience with myself so it spoke to me the loudest.

Thu Mar 16 09:00:16 EDT 2017

Now I'm watching the Youtube video that that one-third of one section is based off of: Derek Muller: The key to effective educational science videos.

And now I'm subscribed to that speaker's Youtube channel, Veritasium. I'll watch some videos later.

Thu Mar 16 09:09:42 EDT 2017

I think it's time to get off the computer for the day. I'll perhaps stop by before bed to time-stamp when I went to bed.

Thu Mar 16 09:19:11 EDT 2017

Bed time!

Thu Mar 16 19:16:34 EDT 2017

I woke up about 15 minutes ago.

Going to watch the Sopranos with the fam, and then I'm going to do my exercises for the day.

Thu Mar 16 21:21:01 EDT 2017

Time to go for a run.

Thu Mar 16 21:54:03 EDT 2017

Deep Work continues to be a good listen while running. Time to shower.