Daily Entry: March 16th, 2017

Thu Mar 16 03:43:07 EDT 2017

Okay, I've been bad.

At the very least, let's just log everything I'm doing.

How much memory does VSCode take up?

Very little.

Yeah, I can just keep these open throughout the day.

Thu Mar 16 03:44:33 EDT 2017

Anyways, the one good thing I'm doing is exercising everyday. Today looks like it may be an unplanned day off, but even if it is, I'll be back at it tomorrow.

Right now it's around freezing outside, so I've been using my aunt's treadmill. I'm quite capable of running outside without any need of distraction, but running in place requires something. So I've been re-listening to "Deep Work" by Cal Newport. I think listening to it will inspire me to start buckling down and work on projects proper.

At least, I hope so.

Going to have to do something.

Thu Mar 16 03:47:20 EDT 2017

I shall now return to watching YouTube reruns of people streaming their playing Overwatch.

Thu Mar 16 03:49:38 EDT 2017

Also, read some webcomics (even though it'll cost me fake currency from my Browsing Costs [Chrome extension]).

Thu Mar 16 04:04:01 EDT 2017

Feeling a bit tired, but I don't think I want to sleep. Didn't sleep much last "night", because I thought my Nintendo Switch was coming today. Instead, everything else in the bundle came today. Misread the email.

Perhaps I should play some vidja games. Been switching between FTL, Overwatch, and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Already played FTL and Overwatch today. Don't particularly feel like playing Melee.


Thu Mar 16 04:11:24 EDT 2017

Watching Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2 speedrun.

Thu Mar 16 08:15:18 EDT 2017

Ended up playing FTL.

Feeling somewhat tired, but not sure if want sleep.

Thu Mar 16 08:25:32 EDT 2017

Now I am reading today's Love Joy Feminism post.

It is making me think of how I would go about convincing people of things.

I think the answer is to stop framing it that way, and actually stop trying in that sense. Though, really, it's more complicated than that (I love Ze Frank).

I've read some things about convincing people. The first thing that comes to mind is the Science of Social Change by Nicky Case. I have this article saved as an email to myself under the tag "Actions". In that email I write: "Internalize it." I'm having trouble properly summing it up without rereading it right now. I suppose it isn't properly internalized.

I'll reread it after I finish the Love Joy Feminism post.

Thu Mar 16 08:35:56 EDT 2017

Sometimes, I have pretend conversations with pretend people. Or rather, sometimes I make up a scenario that may not even include me and have the people in the scenario say things. Of course, they say things I agree with, but there's some sort of distancing that I'm doing. These events pass by without any real intrinsic staying power. They're easy to forget, but I think maybe worth remembering.

I think I'll start writing these things down. Explore this thing I do a bit more instead of letting it passively happen.

Thu Mar 16 08:41:03 EDT 2017

I have finished the Love Joy Feminism post and am now reading the Science of Social Change.

Whilst reading that, I am reminded that another article about changing people's minds that I like is Film Crit Hulk SMASH: Martin Scorsese Will Let You Be Wrong. This one I remember a bit better (probably because I read it more recently). It can be summed up as: "Make the strongest argument for the opposition and show how it fails. Do not nitpick little details, topple the very foundation."

Back to Science of Social Change.

Thu Mar 16 08:47:49 EDT 2017

Oh, hey, I played this guy's game, :the game:.

I remember enjoying it.

Thu Mar 16 08:50:33 EDT 2017

"I've written lots about Miguel Sabido before[...]".

Oh, yeah, this part of the article is pretty good. I should read more about this Miguel Sabido guy, and apparently this Nicky Case has written more about him. That's ample opportunity right there.

Thu Mar 16 08:52:33 EDT 2017

I'm beginning to fall down a rabit hole of links now.

Is this okay?

Better than browsing Reddit, so sure.

Thu Mar 16 08:54:25 EDT 2017

I'm building a sumamry of this Science of Social Change article now. One key element: people will not magically suddenly understand a differing viewpoint and change their mind. Something that seems clear to a person will simply reinforce their beliefs (even if the thing is actually clear evidence that such beliefs are wrong). Actually changing someone's mind should start with them being confused by the information they're consuming. They should need time to process.

Really, this is one-third of one section of the article, but it was the part that I have the most experience with myself so it spoke to me the loudest.

Thu Mar 16 09:00:16 EDT 2017

Now I'm watching the Youtube video that that one-third of one section is based off of: Derek Muller: The key to effective educational science videos.

And now I'm subscribed to that speaker's Youtube channel, Veritasium. I'll watch some videos later.

Thu Mar 16 09:09:42 EDT 2017

I think it's time to get off the computer for the day. I'll perhaps stop by before bed to time-stamp when I went to bed.

Thu Mar 16 09:19:11 EDT 2017

Bed time!

Thu Mar 16 19:16:34 EDT 2017

I woke up about 15 minutes ago.

Going to watch the Sopranos with the fam, and then I'm going to do my exercises for the day.

Thu Mar 16 21:21:01 EDT 2017

Time to go for a run.

Thu Mar 16 21:54:03 EDT 2017

Deep Work continues to be a good listen while running. Time to shower.