Daily Entry: April 30th, 2017

Sun Apr 30 15:36:21 EDT 2017

Today should be a proper day.


I am starting later than I feel I should.

It'd be ideal to have the habit of opening up this post first thing.

Something to strive for.

Yesterday I didn't even create a post. Weekends can be pretty distracting. Everyone's home and there's errands and chores to be done.

Not a valid excuse, just an additional hurdle to overcome and plan for.

Sun Apr 30 15:37:48 EDT 2017

Other than productive things and project stuff, however, things have been going really well! Finally tackled some tickler items instead of throwing them to the future. Am fully planning to tackle more tomorrow (some have to be done on a weekday). My exercise regimen is becoming more consistent and slowly mutating to ever-more improvement along the things I care about.

My diet has been under control the last three days as well. I have once-again adopted the single-meal a day strat. During the non-meal part of the day, I can eat fruit and drink coffee (with the soy creamer I like). The first two days were hard, but now I am quite liking it.

It's pretty amazing, actually. There's this realization I have every once in a while that I am having once again. I have a craving and I know from experience that acting on that craving will do me no good. However, experience simply does not help by itself, for me. I need to craft a system from that experience to properly act on it.

So, the single meal strat helps me act on the various ways that being allowed to eat at any time of day hurts me.

But there's also the next realization that I have again and again. The system is a game. And, like any game, I will be bad at first. There's no real helping it, I just need to keep playing until I'm better.

Simple as that.

I can have various stepping stones and stuff, but failure will be a key part to a successful implementation of any system I wish to hire.

Sometimes, I'll move backwards. Sometimes I'll stop for a while and be rusty and bad at the system again.

It doesn't necessarily mean the system doesn't work (though it can mean that, I can always strive for better design).

Sun Apr 30 15:47:25 EDT 2017

So, I missed a few days of logging. That's fine. I'm glad I'm striving for it, and I hope to continue getting better at it.

Today, I want to review the days I haven't reviewed, and then do a "Weekly Review" of sorts, but it'll be all the days that I have reviewed so far.

Then, I have some projects to work on.

Sun Apr 30 16:24:02 EDT 2017

Bought some plane tickets first.

Sun Apr 30 16:24:08 EDT 2017

Okay, let's time-block this. I will be eating at 1800. I will work on some JavaScript stuff until 1700, and then do various diary things until 1800.

No promises on anything from 1800 to 2100.

At 2100, I'd like to time-block my remaining time.