Daily Entry: June 3rd, 2017

Sat Jun 3 05:44:15 UTC 2017

I'm back.

Last post was almost two weeks ago.

I went back to Tucson for a wedding and ended up not logging anything or being productive in any way.

I feel that that is fine.

Upon getting back I needed a bit of time to fall back into things. I think that time is elapsed.

So, I'm back.

I've been thinking, I want to practice a few things everyday:

  • Drawing
  • Programming
  • Gaming
    • Overwatch
    • Super Smash Bros. Melee
  • Dancing
  • Japanese
  • Some sort of musical instrument

Days off for dancing are important. Perhaps they will be for the other things as well.

I think that whilst not having a job, I can totally put in a decent amount of time towards all these things.

In fact, I may be able to do so even with having a job. Drawing, Japanese, and music can be less than an hour each. Maybe twenty minutes, even. Dancing is about 40 minutes. Gaming can be as little as an hour but will probably end up getting more than its fair share. And then programming can be 4 hours of serious work. This could perhaps work with or without a job.

I have noticed since not having a job that actually doing any of these things provides as much resistance as when I had a job. When I actually do it, it's not nearly as tiring as I anticipate. Oftentimes it's quite energizing.

It seems more that I have bad instincts that I need to learn to overcome, and when I do overcome them, I have to be weary of them coming back.

Like, I often feel like making decisions that don't make me happier nor do they energize me to give me the strength or motivation to make me happier or work on hard things. I want to accomplish things, but this feeling convinces me to make no progress.

I have, several times now, learned to overcome this. And have been very happy for it and gotten good at doing the things I identify as needing doing, either for intrinsic purposes or extrinsic ones. But then, each time, new instincts come into play that revert me to old habits, to listening to my always-wrong feelings on what I should be doing in the given moment.

So, the game has gotten a bit more complicated. How do I not revert to my old self.

Am I on the path now? Has my trip to Tucson made me susceptible to avoiding working on projects and practicing skills which I was building up momentum to before the trip?

Today may be a proper "no". Perhaps I have taken a break without it ruining my momentum.

We will see.

Sat Jun 3 05:56:59 UTC 2017

Let's check out my tickler.

Sat Jun 3 06:48:53 UTC 2017

All right, I want to start writing up a draft of my pygame skeleton draft.

Setting Up Wing Personal IDE Pygame Environment

Hello, I'm SilentKat and let me break down the assumptions and goals of this here thing:

  1. You are using a Windows OS (aka Windows 10, 7, 8.1, Vista)
  2. You want to program a game
  3. You're choosing python to program that game
  4. You're willing to use the pygame library to do a lot of the heavy-lifting
  5. You want to make an executable of your code that runs on any Windows machine

If any of these assumptions are wrong this probably isn't the thing for you.

Further assumptions:

  1. You want to setup your environment without using the command-line
  2. You do not have python already installed
  3. You want to program
Sat Jun 3 06:58:44 UTC 2017

Need to restart computer, to be continued.

Sat Jun 3 10:33:06 UTC 2017

Ended up applying to various places (notably Mixpanel.

Getting tired, will continue draft tomorrow.