Daily Entry: June 8th, 2017

Thu Jun 8 02:00:13 UTC 2017

I will be interviewing with Mixpanel!

That's pretty exciting for me, for a variety of reasons. One of them being I'll be on one side of the USA for my interview with AQR (Greenwich, CT) and on the other side for my interview with Mixpanel (San Fransico, CA).

Thu Jun 8 02:24:04 UTC 2017

Getting another job coming along. Probably the path I'll take afterall. I will consider grad school and other options after another serious round of proper programming work.

Thu Jun 8 02:49:54 UTC 2017

The wife just showed me how to sew up some holes on my shorts. I'll be devoting a bit of time everyday to sewing up some holes. I'm thinking of recording it and posting it to my youtube channel tomorrow.

Thu Jun 8 03:08:42 UTC 2017

Wife and I were discussing apartment plans for when we eventually move. Small space should be fine. We're thinking of trying out a traditional japanese futon for sleeping purposes to maximize space usability.

Thu Jun 8 03:09:26 UTC 2017

Overwatch time.

Thu Jun 8 06:30:37 UTC 2017

Little low on energy even though I was feeling really good earlier after riding my bike to the grocery store and back.

Thu Jun 8 08:25:18 UTC 2017

I said I'd finish that tutorial draft yesterday so I should really work on it right now.

Thu Jun 8 09:17:00 UTC 2017

Draft done. It's still very imcomplete and needs tons of editing, but the gist is done and that's good enough. Tomorrow read through it 3 times and iterate it as I see fit.