Daily Entry: June 12th, 2017

Mon Jun 12 09:43:40 UTC 2017

"Daily" continues to be incorrect. Bidaily is twice a day, though. Or is it ambiguous like bimonthly?

Doesn't matter, I think I can be more consistent. I'll try to have a least a sentence tomorrow.

Mon Jun 12 09:45:06 UTC 2017

Anyways, today I'm going to work on adding javascript compilation to my pygame_skeleton project.

I'll also remove this weird dependencies saving thing I made because I don't like it. Which means I need to update my tutorial.

Mon Jun 12 09:52:08 UTC 2017


Mon Jun 12 11:01:15 UTC 2017

pyjs doesn't have python 3.x support.

Time to roll back to 2.7 and examine the landscape.