Daily Entry: June 19th, 2017

Mon Jun 19 22:51:50 UTC 2017

Today I rode my bike 35 miles or so from my Aunt's (aka my current home) to my cousin's. I did the ride with my uncle-in-law (non-blood, super cool uncle's brother) who had recently finished a ride across the country (took a month), and my cousin who had the double handicap of not biking as much as me (and not nearly as much as the uncle-in-law) and riding on a moutain bike that's slight too small for him.

It was fun. I will be sore tomorrow.

Also, tomorrow is my birthday. I'll be 27.


Also, also, a while back an aquaintance (he's a YouTuber called TheDavoo) linked to another YouTuber called Bill Whitle to back up what I still consider to be poorly informed political opinions.

Today I found a video dismantling Bill Whittle's video denial of climate change.

I fully expect most if not all of Bill Whittle's videos to be as wrong as his climate change video. I expect this because he is a man who works hard at justifying opinions he already has, not on having correct opinions. He also never cites sources in any way whatsoever from what I have seen.

I like TheDavoo a lot, but his political opinions are complete rubbish.