Daily Entry: August 3rd, 2017

Thu Aug 3 05:58:52 UTC 2017

So much stuff going on, should really be keeping this diary proper.

Oh, well.

Went to Seattle, was awesome. Saw lots of places. Signed lease for place today. Paying more than I would like, but it's a six-month lease, and I could've done way worse, and it's hopefully something I can easily fix in six months and be super stoked about saving even more money.

Came back, packed a bit, then left for Wisconsin to spend a weekend with my bro and his family and our mutual friend, Kevin. Got back Tuesday night. Didn't pack at all.

It's technically Thursday morning (0200 EDT right now). Probably have half of our stuff properly packed. Going to go to bed soon. Will wake up and go grab the rental vehicle that I will be driving to Seattle.

We will be staying with friends in Utah, and then in Vancouver, WA on our way to Seattle.

In Seattle, we'll need to get some furniture of some sort.

We'll figure it out as we go along.

It's really happening. It was really awesome staying with my aunt, my uncle, and my cousin, but Thursday here is my last day living here.

Thu Aug 3 14:51:26 UTC 2017

Going to go get the rental van soon!