Daily Entry: September 7th, 2017

Thu Sep 7 15:57:56 UTC 2017

Starting the day off mostly right, Stephan. Woke up at 0800 PDT and managed to not go back to bed. I finally convinced groggy me that I would gain anything going back to sleep, but lose time and possibly--ironically enough--energy.

This is a lesson I learned a long time ago, but I still develop the bad habit of sleeping in if I don't stay vigilant.

Thu Sep 7 16:14:45 UTC 2017

Time to go to work.

Thu Sep 07 17:22:51 UTC 2017

Been at work for a bit. Organized work email (want to stay on top of it from the beginning).

About to deploy thing!

Thu Sep 07 19:54:22 UTC 2017

Mixpanel's iOS 11 Adoption Trend Page.

I have picked this date range because the iOS 11 beta started June 5th (and the proper release hasn't occurred yet), and it's quite cool to see 0% become non-zero on the day of the first beta release.

I am continuing to work on this trend and others.

Thu Sep 07 21:03:09 UTC 2017

Starting headspace over from the beginning. This time I'll do the 10 meditations in 10 days instead of 6 months or so.

Thu Sep 07 21:15:07 UTC 2017

Feeling pretty good.

Thu Sep 07 23:01:51 UTC 2017

Getting pretty tired. Need to do some stuff before I leave. Tried going to nearby supermarket to get some bananas to wake me up and give me some nourishment. Don't think it's working.

Fri Sep 08 01:35:21 UTC 2017

Good day at work, time to head home.

Fri Sep 8 02:34:02 UTC 2017

Home now. Cooking with wife. Got some down time to scan some receipts and tackle inbox and tickler items of the day.

Fri Sep 8 05:04:35 UTC 2017

I was just super pissed over an avalanche of stuff. My receipt scanner was refusing to work, figured it out, but it took way too long. Then the lasagna we made overflowed, and we forgot to put a pan underneath even though we've learned this lesson, so now I've got an oven to clean. And during the oven crisis I lost three competitive games of Overwatch, two of which were super close, and so I'm salty.

I complained about the oven bit way too much and my wife rightly pointed out that it was not a valuable thing to be spending energy on. I'm still pissed, but I'm keeping aware of how I feel and channeling it without repressing or ignoring the feeling.

I feel much better even though I still feel very angry.

I also managed to use this anger energy to write in this diary which furthers my diary-writing goals.


Fri Sep 8 05:12:37 UTC 2017

Thinking on it, I may also be a bit hangry. I need some food.

Though the longer I wait here the better the lasagna will be.

Fri Sep 8 05:24:00 UTC 2017

I waited and am now finally eating the lasagna. It is with tomato basil chao vegan cheese, homemade cashew ricotta, gluten-free pasta, and home-made marinara. It is amazing.

Bed time.