Daily Entry: September 10th, 2017

Mon Sep 11 03:21:23 UTC 2017

I am attempting to make one day a week devoted to what the wife wants to do, and that day is today.

Still managed to tackle and do a lot of non-wife-related activities, though.

Almost done scanning all my receipts onto my computer. All the physical ones I managed to keep my hands on, anyways. Seems I lost a Costco receipt at some point.

I can't help but think of the next step whilst I'm doing it. I'm getting pretty close to being caught up on this step, I think the next step is to put it all into a database though some sort of interface (probably scripts at first) and break it down into necessary spending and superfluous spending, and calculate my "imaginary debt".

Imaginary debt being what I call my savings-based-on-spending goals. Which is 25-times any spending on superfluous spending, and matching the necessary spending towards a static band account.

I want this to backfill to all the spending I did since accepting the job. So I have some catching up to do.

I also have some real debt to catch up to again. I dipped into my index fund that matched my school debts to finance some things ahead of time, and ended up overspending a bit, so I need to refill that index fund so that I'm actually making more interest on money I owe by investing it instead of paying it off.

I'll nail down the specific numbers hopefully by my third paycheck (second paycheck coming this week).

Mon Sep 11 03:45:26 UTC 2017

Time for some Overwatch.