Daily Entry: April 20th, 2018

Fri Apr 20 16:46:30 UTC 2018

Morning sleep questions:

  • What time did you get into bed last night?
    • 2200
  • What time did you turn everything off and try to fall asleep?
    • 2200
  • How long did it take you to fall asleep?
    • 10 minutes
  • Did you wake up during the night? How often? How long were you awake total?
    • 0300: 5 minutes.
    • 0500: 5 minutes.
  • What time was your final awakening this morning?
    • 0600
  • What time did you get out of bed?
    • 0625
  • Did anything unusual happen yesterday that might have affected your sleep? (illness, disturbances, emotional stress, etc.)
    • 4 hours of physical activity (volunteer work)
  • What is the total amount of time you slept last night in hours and minutes? (best estimate)
    • 7 hours 40 minutes
  • Did you take any medication that might have affected your sleep? What? When?
    • No

Evening sleep questions:

  • Did you nap today? How many times? When? How long?
    • 1300: 30 minutes.
  • Did you consume any medicine that you do not take on a daily basis? What? How much? When?
    • No
  • Did you have any caffeinated or alcoholic beverages today? What? How much? When?
    • @0900 15 mg caffeine (Brew Dr Kombucha)
  • Please rate your average sleepiness today on a scale of 1 - 10. (1 = wide awake, 10 = very sleepy)
    • No
Fri Apr 20 16:47:45 UTC 2018

Food tracking:


  • 3000 calories
  • 20g processed sugar
  • 120g protein (20g every 3 hours)

Protein @0630:

  • Pea protein: 100
  • Banana: 100 (200)

Breakfast @0930:

  • Brew Dr Kombucha: 60 (260)
  • Apple: 100 (360)
  • Ripple pea milk: 70 (430)
  • Banana: 100 (530)
  • Hummus: 150 (680)
  • Black bean chips: 170 (850)
  • Wholly guacamole: 100 (950)
  • Bagel: 230 (1180)
  • Carrots: 20 (1200)

Lunch @1200:

  • El Barracho Nachos: 1000 (2200)

Protein @1630:

  • Pea protein: 100 (2300)

Dinner @1830:

  • Leftovers: 1000 (3300)

Protein @2130:

  • Pea protein: 100 (3400)
  • Banana: 100 (3500)
Fri Apr 20 16:57:49 UTC 2018
Time (PDT) Intention Revision 1 Revision 2
0000 SLEEP
0030 SLEEP
0100 SLEEP
0130 SLEEP
0200 SLEEP
0230 SLEEP
0300 SLEEP
0330 SLEEP
0400 SLEEP
0430 SLEEP
0500 SLEEP
0530 SLEEP
0600 Laying in bed
0630 Morning routine
0700 Climbing
0730 Climbing
0800 Run to work
0830 Snack
0900 Shower
1000 Multidataset Test
1030 Multidataset Test
1100 SST Weekly Standup
1130 Multidataset Test
1200 Lunch
1230 Lunch
1300 NAP
1330 Multidataset Test Happy birthday Uncle!
1400 Multidataset Test
1430 1:1 with Evan
1500 Multidataset Test Ping pong
1530 Multidataset Test Reading
1600 Reading Multidataset Test
1630 End of day review
1700 Run home
1730 Stretching/Shower
1800 Cooking
1830 Eating
1900 Gaming: Overwatch
1930 Gaming: Overwatch
2000 Gaming: Overwatch
2030 Reading: The First 20 Hours
2100 End of day routine
2130 TV: Santa Clarita Diet
2200 SLEEP
2230 SLEEP
2300 SLEEP
2330 SLEEP
Fri Apr 20 23:59:57 UTC 2018

Good week of work today! Still have lots of little places to improve but if I can maintain current capability it'll still be really powerful.

Sat Apr 21 04:13:42 UTC 2018

For the first time I'm doing a somewhat proper end of day routine. Though, I still don't have a checklist I refer to. I'll do that eventually. Listing what I do each day might help. Like, I just look at what I wrote the previous day a lot to see what I put down.

Though, that'll simply increase the ever-growing amount of boilerplate in my daily posts. How will you know if I wrote something gewd, Stephan?

Though, that may be my first project upon finishing "The First 20 Hours". I'm really enjoying it. I've finished his section on Yoga (interesting enough), and am on his bit about his learning to program to make his website more resilient.

It's kind of interesting. Right now, I'm focusing on the rock-climbing (and also improving work-routines and work-ethic during work hours), but soon I plan on devoting time to rebuilding my site, more-or-less. Good parallel there with the first two example chapters in the book..

Of particular note (literally, I wrote it down in my little notebook) was the author's site, Personal MBA, the book that accompanies that site (which I plan to read, adding to the Spark File), and also his list of business books to read (also added to the Spark File).

I developed an enjoyment in reading business books, so it's an interesting thing to have a list of the "best" ones. I see "Blue Ocean Strategy" on there but not any Clayton Christensen books.

Not sure how legit this list is, Stephan.

Anyways, if you for some reason follow all of my links, you may have noticed I linked to the Seattle Public library in the Spark File to The Personal MBA and also again right there because why not link it here? Also of note is that the book is available.

I'm going to wait, however. Time is tight for me, and after reading my current book I'm going to hard-devote 20 hours of it to a specific project. 90 minutes a day. Though I may do shorter, 30-minute weekdays and long Saturdays to make up for it. But in any case, I'm going to maintain morning climbing Monday/Wednesday/Friday, keep up work hours, and keep up Overwatch hours (it is time with the wife, after all).

I'm going to keep cooking regularly, which is usually not much but I always plan an hour just in case. I've been successfully fitting in reading before Overwatch (and now after). And then I wind down and watch something with the wife.

The only time I have to replace is time reading, so that's what I'm going to do. I will switch between reading and projects, I think. A book of reading, a 20-hour project. How much I'll balance that, I'm not sure yet. I'd like to do more projects than reading, but maybe that's unwise.

We'll see. I'm flexible.

End of day routine over. I didn't write down what I did before writing thoughts during my daily routine. Oh, well, next time.