Daily Entry: January 3rd, 2019

Today's log.

Vacation Over, Now What?

The winter break has ended. What's the plan? It is also a new year, but that doesn't really matter. In fact, I read an interesting argument that the best time to make a long term commitment is the beginning of spring, where energy levels are at their highest. This jives with my experience.

I believe my main goal is this: replace all instances of meandering Twitter or YouTube with diary time. Thoughts I may want to review will be here, and thoughts for pure logging purposes will be in the log.

Quitting Twitter should be doable, and keeping YouTube within certain time constraints should also be doable. As an example, I have been reddit-free for almost 8 months now. Reddit was really hard for me to quit. It took many tries, but eventually I stopped and never went back. I can do the same for Twitter.

Developing a habit of, perhaps even an addiction to, a dialog with myself will be far more powerful than any social media habit. These dialogs with myself help me strategize my personal growth. I want to get back into personal projects this year, and the first things I need to do is overcome the emotional barriers to doing so. Then there will be planning I need to do. Thinking. And I can do that thinking here.

Ten Minutes of Diary Time

I gave myself extra buffer for Veggie Grill lunch. Upon returning, I made myself a cup of decaf coffee and now, instead of diving into work early or lurking Twitter, or watching a YouTube video, I'm going to write in this diary.

Doing this has immediately launched a bunch of thoughts that I wouldn't have necessarily had otherwise. There include:

"I need to set up my pomodoro environment before it's time to work."

"The wife needs an update on what my plans are vis-a-vis when I'm coming home from work."

"I need to decide what I'm going to work on for the next work block."

"I need to catch up on various shallow work like email and slack."

"Am I going to listen to Cortex while I work? Yes, but with the option of turning it off if I find it too distracting."

And so on and so forth.

This is good. This is a habit worth building for sure.

Five Minutes of Diary Time

I feel like eating a sugary protein bar, but I'm not actually hungry. Also, I want to run home in an hour and a half. Based on past experience, I will not be happy if I eat a protein bar.

Thinking the best thing to do is to switch back to standing desk.