Daily Entry: February 28th, 2019

Today's log.

The Return of the End of Day Review

Okay, so, I want to do end of day reviews again. I have been reading a book (Triggers), and it brought up the value of follow-up on making progress on one's goals. So, that'll be the main purpose of the end-of-day review going forward.

I'll be doing routine and formulaic anwsers in my log, and then I'll try to review my answers there and think about what that means here.

The questions in the book are:

  1. Did I do my best to set clear goals today?
  2. Did I do my best to make progress toward my goals today?
  3. Did I do my best to find meaning today?
  4. Did I do my best to be happy today?
  5. Did I do my best to build positive relationships today?
  6. Did I do my best to be fully engaged today?

Whether or not I'll use these specific questions, I don't know. I'll almost certainly have some of my own.

Today's review is pretty clearly becoming thinking about what my end-of-day review is. There are certain things I wish to track, that I was tracking with my old end-of-day review, that perhaps I should revisit here.

Stuff like:

  • YNAB


I guess the other stuff is better for morning. Stuff that calls me to action really shouldn't be too close to bed, as I may get addicted to it (it's been happening lately).

Today we'll start with those questions (see the log for the very short answers) and we'll mutate as we go.

Already Doing it Wrong

A bit more reading of the book has told me that I'm supposed to rate my effort. It is not a simple yes/no answer. Let's fix that now. I may also want to reflect on my numbers and why I chose them.