Daily Entry: May 13th, 2017

Sat May 13 04:22:54 EDT 2017

Didn't meditate until after a lengthy gaming session, so May 12th has no post.

Sat May 13 08:25:16 UTC 2017

Also, decided to timestamp in UTC because I'm a believer in switching to one time.

Sat May 13 08:25:56 UTC 2017

Anyways, need to work on project I'm working on with friend today.

Daily Entry: May 11th, 2017

Thu May 11 22:19:38 EDT 2017

Woke up today and stretched right away. The wife remembered to remind me that I wanted to meditate first thing after waking up. I was appreciative, but decided stretching and exercise had a similar effect and wanted to focus on that. After stretching, dancing 11 songs in 40 minutes, running 2 miles in 18 minutes 30 seconds, and showering, I then meditated.

As per usual, the mind wandering phase reminded me to start logging the day, and also to tackle my tickler.

I will tackle inbox and timeblock day after cooking.

Daily Entry: May 10th, 2017

Wed May 10 22:38:26 EDT 2017

Yesterday was a lazy day, and I think that was a good thing.

Also, pretty cool that lazy days can have me spend hours on HackerRank and me still think it was a lazy day.

Didn't think to meditate, though.

I have today, though.

Meditation may need to be the first thing I do when I wake up. It helps me find all the little kinks I didn't notice in myself, and then also near the end of the meditation where I can think about whatever I want, I think about being productive, which reminds me to start logging for the day and also do my tickler and stuff.

And here I am.

I woke up with a pinched nerve yesterday that's still bothering me today. Some stretching and pressure helped but it just needs time.

Wed May 10 22:45:50 EDT 2017

Just checked my tickler. Someone's birthday is coming up, Stephan! Fun.

Wed May 10 22:50:48 EDT 2017

Just time-blocked the day.

Daily Entry: May 9th, 2017

Tue May 9 00:18:55 EDT 2017

Didn't log anything in my diary "yesterday" after it became May 8th, and didn't log anything "today" before it became May 9th, so May 8th isn't getting an entry.

That's fine.

Having noted my lack of focus lately, and having heard about Headspace from multiple sources, I decided to just now do my first day of the 10-day thingy.

I may or may not subscribe after the ten days have ended.

After having done that, I wanted to come to my diary to think about what I want to do.

I have been inconsistent with pull ups. I realize now that I made my clock stop beeping at the hour mark. Possibly related.

I have decided to add wrist exercises to my daily routine. On days where I am typing a lot, I am getting some arm argravation. I want to see if simple exercises and increase in strength and flexibility will help overcome the repetivie motion irritation.

Tue May 9 00:35:07 EDT 2017

Grippers fit naturally into my normal pacing habit.

Tue May 9 00:38:00 EDT 2017

Catching up on tickler. There are various errands that require calling people at normal business hours. My sleep schedule makes that difficult, so I'm throwing them a week to the future.

I will now tackle the items I do have.

Another item's best next action is asking someone if they have something I need.

Tue May 9 01:01:50 EDT 2017

I will now work on project that I am doing with friend for one hour.

Tue May 9 01:08:43 EDT 2017

Got distracted by the YouTubes.

Tue May 9 01:57:36 EDT 2017

Made some local environment (aka desktop computer) changes that'll make local development better/possible.

Next time I'll focus on something that'll actually get pushed to the repo.

Now it's time to stretch and dance!

Danced 4 songs (not feeling it today), and did a quick stretch routine.

Daily Entry: May 7th, 2017

Sun May 7 01:00:02 EDT 2017

Just did a bunch of HackerRank problems. I think it's time to work on projects I care about and/or am being paid to work on. Though, I guess the latter is a subset of the former because at the very least I'm being paid to care about them.

I recently got a check to work on one thing, so I should at least poke around there for a bit.

Sun May 7 01:04:23 EDT 2017

I need access to more things before I can do any more work there.

I'll send "my employer" an email soon to go over things. Maybe when I put that check in the bank.

Sun May 7 01:18:04 EDT 2017

I've decided I won't problem-statement and post-mortem problems from HackerRank. Unless I'm really inspired to. Would rather do real problems I need to solve.

Sun May 7 01:22:52 EDT 2017

Going to play around with Wing IDE and pygame stuff.

Sun May 7 01:48:58 EDT 2017

Got distracted via organizing email.

Sun May 7 02:09:12 EDT 2017

I just realized there's the rest of season 4 of Steven Universe to watch.

I must watch it.

I must watch it right now.

Sun May 7 22:15:08 EDT 2017

Did more HackerRank problems. I have discovered that I don't remember heaps very well.

Going to play some Overwatch.

Daily Entry: May 6th, 2017

Sat May 6 01:15:27 EDT 2017

Let's go ahead and do some hacker rank right now.

Did two easy problems really fast in Python.

Sun May 7 00:52:06 EDT 2017

Did a bunch of yard word today, and watched two episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

I then did several HackerRank problems.

I did one problem three different ways because I was curious.

I'm thinking of a fourth (really a variation of the third solution).

Sun May 7 00:59:09 EDT 2017

Sat down and thought about it, and it wouldn't be a better solution than the final one I did.

Daily Entry: May 5th, 2017

Fri May 5 15:28:25 EDT 2017

Today may end up better than the past two days. Got some good sleep around the expected time, and whilst wasting my time on the Internet earlier a part of me kept nagging me that I want to build the habit of working on projects in whatever spare time I have, no matter how tiny.

But, first, time to go watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Fri May 5 23:50:05 EDT 2017

I have been corrected on my word usage. Regimen, not regiment. I figured it was a french word or something and the t was silent.

Time to sed fix that little mistake with sed!


Sat May 6 01:11:30 EDT 2017

So, not going to repeat problems anymore. Going to instead do lots of problems. If I hit a problem that takes me way longer than I anticipate, I will consider whether or not I'm biting off more than I can chew. If I am, I will save the problem for later.

Saving the problems I do and doing retrospectives/post-mortems are still things I should do.

They no longer need to be separate posts.

I may merge past posts if I feel like it.

I will start devoting 1 hour per day to HackerRank, as a part of my doing lots of problems plan.

I can work on gaining familiarity with how to solve similar problems via solving lots of problems.

It's like learning to speedrun rogue-likes.

Ideas on how to mutate problems may also be good. Also, keeping problems to solve again in a different language may too prove useful.

Sat May 6 01:14:41 EDT 2017

Oh, hey, it's Saturday now. Time to start a new post.

Daily Entry: May 4th, 2017

Thu May 4 21:53:14 EDT 2017

Being bad continues, with both disabling and now re-enabling my Browsing Costs extension.

I got into an argument on Reddit over a pretension of anti-censorship being used to be bigoted against non-binary folk.

I may talk about it here. I think it'd be smarter to talk about it here.

Thu May 4 21:55:36 EDT 2017

Messing with my natural sleep to go see My Fair Lady yesterday also messed with my general motivation and will-power today. Also, I slept a lot of today.

I'm hoping to be back to normal tomorrow.

I may even stretch and dance before sleeping, though I do have a bit of a headache growing, and a general funk that exercise may hurt.

Taking two whole days off from exercise isn't too bad, but I at most have been doing two days in a row of exercise before a break lately. I think I should stretch and try dancing and if I'm not feeling it, I can stop at any time.

Daily Entry: May 3rd, 2017

Wed May 3 09:25:32 EDT 2017

Before coming here, I went to YouTube and Reddit and FiveThirtyEight.

Wed May 3 09:25:52 EDT 2017

In about half an hour I'm going to go see My Fair Lady at a local theatre.

Daily Entry: May 2nd, 2017

Tue May 2 22:12:19 EDT 2017

Being bad again today.

But I'm at the phase where I'm not forgetting, I'm aware of what I should do but am making the wrong decision.

Similar to where my diet was at before finally being where I wanted it, more-or-less.

So, sign of progress, really. Just can't be complacent.

I told myself I should at least note that I'm being bad about logging in this here diary.


  • Ran 2 miles in 17:15
  • Danced 11 songs (skipped two easy-ish songs I didn't feel like)
  • Full stretch routine
  • Watched two episodes of Elementary
  • Watched Guardians of the Galaxy in preparation for the upcoming sequel
Tue May 2 22:14:34 EDT 2017

Now, I'm going to watch some YouTubes.