Daily Entry: July 13th, 2017

Thu Jul 13 01:02:02 UTC 2017

I have job.

Will say more as things become concrete.

Also! I had weird dream where I got hired to be a key animator at some place even though I have no experience doing so. I asked why I was hired and the boss man said I came highly recommended by some person I didn't know. I decided to try and buckle down and learn enough to fake it.

Weird dream.

Thu Jul 13 13:06:50 UTC 2017

I have been really good about exercise. Managed 5 days in a row last week and am looking to be repeating that this week. Been alternating days between dancing and pull ups.

I really like how I feel after doing 5 minutes of pull ups. The exhaustion in my back and arms feels like I'm stronger than I am, for some paradoxial reason.