Daily Entry: July 15th, 2017

Sat Jul 15 03:03:59 UTC 2017

For the next 48-hours (starting 0300 UTC) I'll be doing the GMTK Game Jam. The theme is Downwell's Dual Purpose Design.

The first thing to do will be rewatch this video.

Sat Jul 15 03:11:58 UTC 2017

Lots of ideas floating around in head, not sure where to start exactly.

Well, actually, I'll start with my pygame_skeleton, because that's the gaming tool I've used the most recently.

Sat Jul 15 03:26:30 UTC 2017

Idea: game where player possesses each entity destroyed. So instead of destroying entity, you take it over new host and abandon previous host. The first host will actually be most-powerful and maneuverable, but is lost upon defeating first entity. The game would be designed to be beatable without killing any entity.

Only way to regain health is to possess new entity.

Point-and-click action game (because I want to continue playing with the mechanics of that).

Sat Jul 15 03:47:57 UTC 2017

I'm working with an artist, so let's give him a thing to work with to make art stuff.

Sat Jul 15 08:38:23 UTC 2017

Wow, pretty physically tired. Needed to go back to sleep for a few hours. Body is really feeling the past week of exercise. May start my two days off a day early.

Back to game jam stuff.

Sat Jul 15 09:18:29 UTC 2017

I think I'll start with some sprites I don't own instead of creating blocky sprites dynamically like I did last time.

Sat Jul 15 10:59:12 UTC 2017

Having looked at various sprite sheets from varous games, I think I'll just start with shapes and add drawings as they're available to me and figure it out later.

Sat Jul 15 11:18:22 UTC 2017

Let's have a box move to where I click.

Sat Jul 15 13:41:24 UTC 2017

I want to play more with the old click-jump mechanic that I've been playing with for a while now, but my implementation in pygame isn't working correctly. I'd rather not waste time getting it working again. Switching to javascript and crafty.

Sat Jul 15 18:57:24 UTC 2017

Wasn't feeling it, played FTL and then did some exercises. Feeling it now, though. Would like to have something up on this domain before going to sleep.

Probably should eat first, though.

Sat Jul 15 19:13:37 UTC 2017

Tiredness hitting me, will start fresh tomorrow. I should do a jam once a month to stay in practice with it. Not at all used to jamming in home environment.