Daily Entry: Feburary 9th, 2018

Fri Feb 09 20:21:31 UTC 2018

Morning sleep questions:

  • What time did you get into bed last night?
    • 2230
  • What time did you turn everything off and try to fall asleep?
    • 2345
  • How long did it take you to fall asleep?
    • 15 minutes
  • Did you wake up during the night? How often? How long were you awake total?
    • Yes. Once. 15 minutes.
  • What time was your final awakening this morning?
    • 0900
  • What time did you get out of bed?
    • 0930
  • Did anything unusual happen yesterday that might have affected your sleep? (illness, disturbances, emotional stress, etc.)
    • Still sore
  • What is the total amount of time you slept last night in hours and minutes? (best estimate)
    • 9 hours
  • Did you take any medication that might have affected your sleep? What? When?
    • No
Fri Feb 09 22:32:17 UTC 2018
Time (PDT) Intention Revision 1 Revision 2
0000 SLEEP
0030 SLEEP
0100 SLEEP
0130 SLEEP
0200 SLEEP
0230 SLEEP
0300 SLEEP
0330 SLEEP
0400 SLEEP
0430 SLEEP
0500 SLEEP
0530 SLEEP
0600 Momentary wake-up
0630 SLEEP
0700 SLEEP
0730 SLEEP
0800 SLEEP
0830 SLEEP
0900 Laying in bed
0930 Morning routine
1000 Run to work
1030 Aimless meandering
1100 Aimless meandering
1130 Aimless meandering
1200 Ping pong
1230 Aimless meandering
1300 Aimless meandering
1330 Aimless meandering
1400 Aimless meandering
1500 Multidataset Test Task Diary thinking
1530 Multidataset Test Task Ping pong
1600 Multidataset Test Task Ping pong
1630 SST Celebration Dinner
1700 SST Celebration Dinner
1730 SST Celebration Dinner
1800 SST Celebration Dinner
1830 SST Celebration Dinner
1900 Run home
1930 Stretching and shower
2000 Gaming: Overwatch
2030 Gaming: Overwatch
2100 TV: Doogie Howser
2130 TV: Overwatch
2200 TV: Overwatch
2230 SLEEP TV: YouTube
2300 SLEEP TV: YouTube
2330 SLEEP
Fri Feb 09 22:59:12 UTC 2018

I really like the feeling of melancholy. It's a feeling I crave in cycles. It hits around the same time I feel a full on apathy. But as I grow familiar with myself, the apathy seems less powerful. The melancholy remains. The apathy is still very disruptive to my productivity, but doing things isn't simply impossible anymore.

And now I find myself wondering what I'll prioritize working on in this state of mind.

Right now the plan is to be working on multidataset tests. Been a plan for a while now. Things keep distracting me from it, however. The only real work I've done on it is talking with various people about what the task entails, exactly, and what work has already been done to that effect.

Which is valuable work, mind you, but I could be doing more, I feel.

I always feel like I could be doing more.

Fri Feb 09 23:10:51 UTC 2018

I started running to work this week, Stephan. It's 2.3 miles between home and work, so says teh googel. I started on Tuesday, and if I run home today (which I should) that means I ran 18.4 miles this week. And it'll be 23 miles next week. If I keep it up, it'll be roughly 100 miles a month.

That'd be cool.

I think it's likely that I'll continue. I was already walking to work ever since I started at Mixpanel in August. Running was reserved for hills, but it was a goal since I started the walking routine to make it a running routine.

Running is faster than even busing to work, and running is enough exercise to force me to reignite my stretching habit, which I was in dire need of. And! The excuses I make to not run are not excuses I accept to not go to work, and it turns out they're usually not real reasons to not run, and so I feel it's more likely that I'll maintain consistency in this habit.

Fri Feb 09 23:17:01 UTC 2018

I've made a lot of progress in piano. I mean, I still can't play it much at all, but I've managed enough regularity that I've come from complete ignorance to some knowledge of the basics and perhaps a slightly better ear. I've found some simplified snippets of various tunes I enjoy.

Some of them were quite accidental. I would just randomly spasm my fingers in a certain key and hear something familiar and explore it until I found what I was looking for.

Something I found quite delightful was that a lot of the Aristocats' song "Scales and Apreggios" is going up and down a scale and/or doing an apreggio.

Quite fun.

I'm in serious danger of stopping all progress and losing what little I've made, though, as I haven't maintained the daily habit this week. Other things have wormed there way into priority. Some of them have done so without my explicit permission.

Perhaps I'll renegotiate some time today for piano, and I'll focus on getting some in on the weekend.

Fri Feb 09 23:27:25 UTC 2018

I've been doodling quite a bit. Is it still doodling if you attempt a quick sketch of people/things in your environment?

I think it is.

Fri Feb 09 23:33:54 UTC 2018

I had what must be described as a nightmare last night. It didn't leave me with any sense of fear or dread, though. I wasn't horrified by it.

It started out pretending to be reality. Perhaps pretending to be a memory. I was living with my aunt again, and was doing basically nothing hanging out in the chill basement living area.

At some point, I started playing with my psychic powers. I didn't ever realize that I had psychic powers, I simply took it for granted. But something went wrong. My sight failed. I then started viewing events from outside my body.

The whites of my eyes began clouding with red. My eyes became a dark crimson before my face started flushing red. I screamed as the pressure in my head continued to increase. I expected a pop, but the dream ended before it came.

Tue Feb 13 00:05:20 UTC 2018

Evening sleep questions:

  • Did you nap today? How many times? When? How long?
    • No
  • Did you consume any medicine that you do not take on a daily basis? What? How much? When?
    • No
  • Did you have any caffeinated or alcoholic beverages today? What? How much? When?
    • Yes, caffeine through 1500. One whiskey drink around 1800.
  • Please rate your average sleepiness today on a scale of 1 - 10. (1 = wide awake, 10 = very sleepy)
    • 2