Daily Entry: November 22nd, 2018

Been a while. Not sure what to do about the... 11 missing days.

I think I'll just accept it.

I'm having a vacation in Indiana for Thanksgiving, which is today. Having a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'll make sure to log my timeblock for today before going to bed.

This diary became a bit too much work for me and I just... stopped doing it. I'll vastly reduce my daily responsibilities for a while so that I return to the habit.

There are some dreams I lost via my lack of logging. There are lots of uncounted calories, which I think are valuable and will return to it tomorrow.

I have bought the new Pokemon game for the Switch. Doing my first ever nuzlocke run. Sad I haven't documented stuff so far, have already forgotten how I lost some of my pokemon.

What I remember so far is:

  • Todd my starting Pikachu (still have)
  • Patt the Rattata (lost en route to the second gym)
    • Named after Patton Oswalt who played Remmy in Ratatouille
  • Pitt the Pidgey (currently a Pidgeotto)
    • Named after the character in Kid Icarus
  • Feetle the Weedle (currently a Beedrill)
    • Name given by nephew
  • Green the Bulbasaur (lost as an Ivysaur to a Diglett using Fissure)
    • Named after Pokemon Green
  • Clueless the Clefairy (alive and well)
  • Fred the Onyx (lost to a fighting pokemon I don't remember)
  • Psyduke the Psyduck (lost to a critical hit, I think)
    • Name given by nephew
  • Grabya the Abra (lost... sometime during the cruise ship?)
  • Tiny the Diglett (lost to a bide by a Geodude)
  • Nappily the Drowsee (lost to... a critical attack?)
  • Red the charmander (lost to a strong attack from another fire Pokemon)
    • Named after pokemon Red
  • Tigger the Growlithe (lost to a ghost pokemon's critical attack, most-recent loss...)
    • He looks like Tigger (and he was the only one ;_;)
  • George the second Onyx (still available)
    • Named after Fred and George in Harry Potter
  • Mr Krabs the Krabby (still in party)
    • Named after the character from spongebob
  • Horn the Rhyhorn (still in party)
  • Momo the Mew (got from my pokeball accessory) (not sure if I'll use)

And that's basically it. I remember more than I thought. Not sure what I want to do from here.

Timeblock in the log.

I think I'll let the previous posts be missing. And delete the blank ones. There may be logs of the past few days in a future post, but I won't backlog, I'll just have it be part of that day's post.

But for now it's time to hang more with family.