Daily Entry: November 23rd, 2018

So, another backlog only day.

Pokemon lost today:

  • Clueless the Clefairy
    • Critical hit by a fighting type pokemon
  • Horn the Rhyhorn
    • Horn drill (one-hit KO with 30% chance to hit)
  • Pitt the Pigeotto
    • Horn drill (same Pokemon as above)
  • Toothless the Golbat
    • Horn drill (same Pokemon as above)

Only have 6 pokemon left (was down to 5, but just caught one).

I also just straight up lost all my pokemon in a fight and that's a game over, but with no other option, really, I reloaded my last save.

So, really, my first Nuzlocke run ended before I got my fourth badge.

But I like this hard mode, so... I'll continue on with this one reset.... Okay, horn drill killed my Pikachu Todd and I wasn't having that, so I reset there. It ended up leading to losing way more pokemon and that full team wipe, though, so....

It's my first nuzlocke, and I haven't played pokemon in forever. I'm allowed some cheating!

Saw "The Greatest Showman" today. It was okay.