Daily Entry: July 23rd, 2020

Because of the urban hike involved in going to my orthodontist yesterday, and the fact that I'll be doing it again tomorrow, I will not run today. My body is a bit annoyed with all the challenges I've been presenting it as it is.

Again, today I think extracurricular stuff will not happen, because I didn't get much work in yesterday due to the orthodontist appointment, and tomorrow I have another one, so got to get as much work as I can in today.

Meditation (Day 49)

Hit that solid posture again today. Decided against switching positions halfway through (though I wasn't pushing the half lotus today, so my leg didn't slowly lose feeling throughout the meditation). Though, at 5 minutes remaining there was enough pain in some problematic places, that I finished the meditation lying down, which was fine, more or less.

Got an early body scan in, but then my mind was restless for the rest so I couldn't fit another one in. However, the "focus on the breath" habit continues to become more consistent and gave me a strong feeling of focus once I settled into meditation. This feeling remained even with the constant stream of distractions.

Stage 3 mastery is something I'll be certain about fairly soon.