Daily Entry: July 24th, 2020

Once again, had a dream that I tried to meditate on but lost it.... Need to practice writing it down or saying it aloud or something.

No extracurricular stuff today. But this weekend I should be back at it in some form. And next week no appointments or anything, so I should be able to make time on workdays. And the following week I have off, so we'll see what I decide to do.

Meditation (Day 50)

Today I had to put off meditation as I had an orthodontist appointment that I needed to start walking to at 0630. Set a timer during the walk and did 45 minutes of walking meditaiton, which went pretty well, but I used it to only further my resolve to make sure I meditated later.

Upon getting home, I stretched, and then joined the meditation meeting we have at work everyday. It was 25 minutes of meditation, and I continued another 20 minutes thereafter.

Some minor hiccups in regularly invoking introspective attention, but overall it was solid. If it's still like this on Sunday, I'll probably consider stage 3 mastered enough to work more on stage 4 from the beginning of the meditation and fall back to stage 3 practice when necessary.

Posture was mostly very comfortable. Was a bit worried yesterday, as I had some growing knee and back pain that lingered throughout the day, but I believe both of them were not serious pain but soreness, and I seem pretty recovered today, even after another urban hike to the orthodontist.

Will probably take it easy this weekend, though, and not run again until Tuesday (will go for some long walks, I think, though, still).