Daily Entry: July 25th, 2020


I know my dream involved my niece and nephew... somehow. It also involved my new retainer, in which I somehow (physically impossibly) put my retainer in backwards and upon realizing it, fixed them, but found they were painfully tight on my teeth. I became worried that they would no longer work.

Meditation (Day 51)

Still some minor wanderings with maybe forgetting (not entirely sure, breath seems to be strongly in background and often helps bring me back), but again very strong day. Regularly getting into this intense feeling of focus. A feeling that I have explicitly wanted to control (it's something I invoked often in college, but have seen very rarely in my career).

I believe I keep finding the right posture fairly late into the session. It's possible I'm leaning a bit forward, which is irritating my lower back. My legs are less prone to falling asleep, though I've been avoiding pushing my lotus lately (knees have started acting up a bit). Got to make sure to listen to my body to avoid any long-term recovery shenanigans.

Extracurricular Stuffs

Saturday is wife's day, so my main goal is to use the downtime I have to organize my various action items I shoved into the weekend. Want to do some amount of them, but not have them take up too much of tomorrow so I can focus on some small project.

Really, though, I'd want to set myself up for success throughout the week with some 15 minutes per day. In fact, don't even want to commit too much time today/tomorrow, I don't think. Meditation has taught me the value of starting at 15 minutes per day and increasing that time allotment weekly.

Weekends have enough stuff in them that I can't really fit a large chunk of extracurricular. I'm including breaks in that "enough stuff", but breaks are important and good. There's also my weekly review and typically a large chunk of action items, of which I can maybe do a few.

So, what weekends are for, in regards to extracurricular, is maybe starting a 15-minute habit towards... something, and also working out how I fit that into the day-to-day. I can also maybe increase an already existing habit by 5 minutes.

So, then, what's a habit I want to form? I had a blogging thing going on, and really it still exists, but I'm back to thinking aloud here, because there isn't a blog I want to write right now. Once there is, I go back to devoting this time to that. Which means I've done a good job with making time for writing, I think.

One habit I want to form is to make more Anki cards out of things I want to memorize. Specifically, there's some work things I want to memorize (I keep it on the work laptop and don't have an Anki account to sync that data to, so it can include "internal-use only" items). These are coding-specific things that I keep putting off. I could also build some coding-specific cards over the weekend that are not work-related, to keep work and weekend seperate.

This maybe the "project" I want to start this weekend: 15-minutes of Anki card curation. I don't even have to add the card to my system (don't want to add too many at a time), but it should be constructed such that adding it to Anki is super fast. The general idea is to memorize the structures and I/Os of things (frameworks, APIs, etc.).

It's also not a bad idea to use some weekend time to think about a blog post I want to write. Not deciding on one maybe why I'm not writing one.


I'll add it to my weekly review list.