Daily Entry: September 18th, 2020


Intention (2230 the night before)

I like how yesterday went. Let's do same thing.

Motivation/compromise: 1 sentence!

Note (2315)

Not sure if fell asleep. Legs hurt. No dreams.

Note (0320)

No dreams.

Wake (logged at 0700 this morning)

There's a vague sitting at a table memory, but that's it. No dreams remembered. I did write a sentence on each wake up. I think tonight I'll also store an intent to really try to reflect and find dream before stirring to grab journal and write.

Meditation (Day 106)

Intentions for the day:

  • Stage 4 intention (vigilance on keeping introspective awareness continuous)
  • Fall back to stage 3 if necessary
  • Label the distractions, do it over and over so that it becomes automatic
  • Before adjusting posture, count 8 breaths
  • Learn the various different ways I guide myself back to the breath
    • E.g. away from tempting distractions, away from posture distractions, away from pain
  • Note where the breath was when you label a distraction (attention, awareness, or forgotten)
  • Body-scan in the beginning and latter half of meditation
  • Mirror-check in the beginning and latter half of meditation
  • During planned attention away from breath, keep breath in awareness


I believe the time has come to stop doing body-scans for a bit whilst I recement stage 4 habits. I believe this is necessary due to stronger attention and awareness, and not a regression in any way.

Meditation still feels great, as well. Shoulder has been addressed, but back complaining again, Though back feels great when I get up, so I'm not too concerned. Will treat it like I treat an itch.


Cousin calls going well.

General Thinking

Looking at my metrics, coding work increased. I believe this is thanks to time-block aherence. Neat.

Welp. RBG died and I went straight to Twitter. That's a long streak ended, though I'm already done. I don't want to stay on here. Nothing of value was gained going.

(To further escape the reignition of the Twitter habit, I played SSBM for 1.5 hours. This worked very well.)