Daily Entry: September 17th, 2020


Intention (2200 the night before)

The main thing I want to write down, to add to my intent, is the motivation and compromise to write a sentence whenever I'm awake. This sentence can say, "No memories." or it can be a thread that maybe leads back to a dream. Like the one that helped me remember the breath graph.

Wake-Back-to-Sleep (logged at 0300 this morning)

WBTS! Doing it! Not remembering any dreams at the moment. Hopefully I fall into some juicy ones here soon.

So, I've been "trying" WILDs, but they haven't been happening, so I might try incubating a dream about a previous pet (my old dog Daysha) and see how that goes.

I'll probably still try a WILD, but I'll think of Daysha while I do it. Maybe do a nap-esque pseudo-dream about her.

Still no dreams. BTS.

Core Dreams

Core needs rest. Other person using it.

This is all I wrote. Couldn't remember anything else.

Wake (logged at 0700 this morning)

Only remember abstract weirdness. But I did all the things and am pretty happy with that. It's very promising to remember abstract things. I have been focusing on my core a lot lately, so it makes sense to dream about it.

Pre-nap (1310)

Don't have enough in brain for work pseudo-dream. Should really make 30-min before nap a nap-prep block.

I'll try just observing today after reciting intent.

Oh! Tangentially related, I am slowly but surely remembering reality-check triggers more and more. Hopefully a DILD (dream-initiated lucid dream) will happen soon.

Post-nap (1325)

Main takeaway: REITs but for collective ownership of property. Tenants-rights.

Meditation (Day 105)

Intentions for the day:

  • Stage 4 intention (vigilance on keeping introspective awareness continuous)
  • Fall back to stage 3 if necessary
  • Label the distractions, do it over and over so that it becomes automatic
  • Before adjusting posture, count 8 breaths
  • Learn the various different ways I guide myself back to the breath
    • E.g. away from tempting distractions, away from posture distractions, away from pain
  • Note where the breath was when you label a distraction (attention, awareness, or forgotten)
  • Body-scan in the beginning and latter half of meditation
  • Mirror-check in the beginning and latter half of meditation
  • During planned attention away from breath, keep breath in awareness


Lots of distractions, hard not to have gross ones. Still felt like a solid meditation. Time went by real slow. I didn't believe that it had been less than 45 minutes by the time I finally caved and checked my timer and there was still 2 minutes to go.

Possibly a good sign? Means very few moments lost to dullness. And typically being lost in distraction makes the time fly, so I must have been pretty diligent. A stronger mind means more power to control. I anticipate this back and forth between stronger vividness of breath and learning to navigate a stronger awareness and the distractions it brings.


Cousin calls going well.

General Thinking

Timeblock adherenece feels not so cognitively demanding anymore, but does seem to make me able to fit more in the day. Exciting.