Daily Entry: October 17th, 2020

Meditation (Day 135)

Prep (1441)

Everything delayed a bit due to an opslead page waking me up thrice in the morning. Practicing flexibility and prioritizing on purpose, though distractions are fast and loose thus far.


  • Practicing intentionality
  • Subduing distractions
  • Overcoming the illusion of self
  • See what the next stages of meditation bring
  • Unity of mind

Intentions for the day:

  • Prep posture until ready to set intention to stay still
  • Body-scan when narrowing to breath throughout the body (stage 5)
  • Body-scan when breath loses vividity (stage 5)
    • Immeditately notice and correct for subtle dullness
  • Set the intention to focus exclusively on the breath (stage 6)
    • Body-scan with this intention
    • Fill attention with so many places to feel the breath that distractions have no room to enter
  • Keep pephiral awareness strong so that it can stop distractions and dullness from interfering
  • Do not feed distractions with attention
  • Especially posture, pain, and various bodily distractions
  • Eyes closed today

Distractions to look out for:

  • Cardcaptor Sakura
  • Wife
  • Cat
  • Work (General)
  • Body-scan
  • Outside
  • Reflection
  • Planning
  • Fantasy
  • Politics
  • Vision
  • Posture
  • Pain
  • Lower-back
  • Haunting on Bly Manor
  • Labeling
  • Meta

Post-Meditation (1550)

Considering the poor sleep last night, meditation got me to a super good place. Still pretty sure stage 5 and stage 6 is accurate. Lots of subtle distractions. Solid "exclusive focus on breath" alarm as soon as a subtle distraction appears. And I'm pretty good at immediately letting the distraction go back into the periphery.


Intention (2317 the night before)

Hopefully no page tonight. Let's see what happens. Daysha showed up last night. Incubation is hard. Purposeful incubation, anyways.

Dream Fragment

Avatar: Last Airbender. On a disintegrating raft with Zuko.

Wake (logged at 0910 this morning)

Pages woke me up thrice last night. Remembered two dreams, and at least captured a fragment of one. Pretty good considering that I rushed to work and didn't write down what I could at the time.

Pre-nap (1350)

Probably really need this nap. Focus on the healing aspect of it today.

This will hopefully also be good prep for meditation.

Post-nap (14010)

Not the best I've felt after a nap, but much closer to peak energy than before nap. I'd call that a success.