Daily Entry: October 18th, 2020


Intention (2333 the night before)

Focus on sleep quality. Drill habits if sleep good. Remembering dreams nice, but I am not going to be upset if I don't.

Wake (logged at 0827 this morning)

I did wake at 0400 and momentarily consider WBTS, but decided to just go straight back to sleep.

There were perhaps dreams I remember at some points but right now they're completely gone (not even a memory of having remembered).

Pre-nap (1308)

Being pretty mindful today. Which is cool. Will try to reset habits today. Got some errands to run today, so let's get napping.

Post-nap (1330)

Quite a bit of hypnagogy. Decided that strawberry donut incubation not working. Will try aunt house visit for a bit. Spent a solid amount of nap exploring her house while watching my body fall further into the nap. Might be possible to WILD while doing this, not sure.

Meditation (Day 136)



  • Unity of mind
  • Subduing distractions
  • See what the next stages of meditation are like
  • Practing intentionality
  • Overcoming the illusion of self

Intentions for the day:

  • Eyes closed today
  • Prep posture until ready to set intention to sit still
  • Body-scan on breath throughout body (stage 5 exercise)
  • Body-scan when breath loses vividness (stage 5 exercise)
  • Set the intention to catch and immediately correct for subtle dullness (stage 5)
  • Set the intention to focus exclusively on the breath (stage 6)
  • Keep all distracting thoughts in peripheral awareness
  • Especially posture
  • Do not feed distactions with attention
  • Increase the scope of the breath to more body parts to help subdue distraction as necessary (stage 6 exercise)
    • Decrease slowly when distractions are subdued

Distractions to look out for:

  • Wife
  • Meta
  • Haunting on Bly Manor
  • Politicis
  • Reflection
  • Timer
  • Fantasy
  • Body-scan
  • Posture
  • Outside
  • Vision
  • Labeling
  • Swallowing
  • Cardcaptor Sakura
  • Spiderverse
  • Lower back

Post-Meditation (1730)

There was some strange, hypnagogic-like thoughts. Very similar to old nap experiences. Every time they showed up, I checked for dullness, but everything seemed pretty vivid and strong.... It is possible, similar to how I hear things, that I just have nonsense thoughts that usually I don't notice.

In any case, increasing mindfulness exercises (stage 5) probably still quite worthwhile. Though, stage 6 has a variation, so I'm sure I'm increasing mindfulness in both. I am also paranoid about dullness, which may be causing dullness symptoms without dullness? One thing I'm doing is regularly checking for dullness. Similar to the introspective check-in (which itself is done in a peripheral way n;ow, kinda, I'm working on it).

Still voicing my intentions as I return to exclusive breath or remind myself to be still. Today, I tried to make those wordless. Sometimes I think I could instill the intent without the words. I'll continue to play with that.

Experimental (Notion Organization)

Should I still try to experiment with special meditations?

Perhaps it's time for a new experiment?

Maybe just organizing my Notion setup for about 15 minutes or so a day?

General Thinking

A lot of the weekend got eaten up by errands and opslead stuff. Will have to decimate the weekly review throughout the week again.