Daily Entry: December 31st, 2018

Today's log.

The Return

So, I was planning on returning to this diary a lot sooner. I've lost a lot of days. What brought me back today was the wife and I wondering what we were doing last New Year's Eve and my entry from last year gave me a good overview.

I'm thinking I'll revise my daily checklist to a miminmal amount of things:

  • Sleep questions
  • Weight
  • Calorie Plan
  • Fill timeblock
  • Calendar
  • Tickler
    • Physical
    • Wunderlist
  • Inbox
    • Physical
    • Wunderlist
    • Email
  • YNAB

Some of these things need to be better captured outside of the normal logging. So, in fact... let's not do those things. I can weigh myself and note my sleeping, but unless stored properly, I don't care to write it down.

  • Sleep questions
  • Weight
  • Calorie Plan

Removed from checklist.

I don't think this should take up a whole pomodoro anymore.

Daily Entry: December 6th, 2018

Yesterday's Dream

Didn't have a post yesterday, but did have dreams I remember. They were cool enough that I told various people about them, so I retained them. I'm pretty sure I had a dream last night, but I don't remember it at all.

Anyways, the first dream was a world where the animals in the upcoming "live-action" remake of the Lion King were real, intelligent animal actors. And they were putting up a broadway play. I was following Randy Marsh (from South Park) going through shenanigans to illegally film the play. He infiltrates a group of supervillains whom have the best seats to the play by dressing up as Bryan Cranston and... apparently he was always a villain?

Specific scene I remember: Randy first sneaks in as an animal. The disguise was very good, but moved very unnaturally.

The second dream was some sort of... high school competition followed by a big stadium show. Nothing really stands out from this dream. My cousins were there. That's about it.

Daily Entry: December 4th, 2018


I had two dreams last night. One where I was visiting some place that doesn't exist. My niece and nephew were there. There was a lot of swimming in freezing water.

There was also a pet pig in this area that was super friendly and cuddly. I ended up sleeping next to them. The next day my niece was pretending to drown in the pool to trick me into jumping in and saving her.

In the other dream, I was female. The whole school was at a house for some reason. Also, I guess I was in high school? Don't remember much of this dream.

Daily Entry: December 3rd, 2018

Today's log.


Returning to this habit is showing itself to be very difficult. A new paradigm is probably necessary at this point. I'm doing various things to keep myself productive in the meantime.

The point of me writing this right now is a reminder that being angry at myself or punishing myself is not productive. The most productive thing I can do is be open with the people whom can help me through this.

Daily Entry: November 29th, 2018

Today's log.

The Return

It's been a while, and it's been sporadic. I'm hoping to be back to daily posts starting today. I got sick last Saturday, and have been sick up until today. I only took Monday off from work, but I have basically been cooped up in my living room for basically the whole last three days.

I'm still perhaps a bit ill, but I'm tired of laying about, so I'm heading to work today.


So, I lost a lot of this month, in a sense. These logs are the way I like to capture memories. Photos aren't reall my aesthetic, Stephan. But I think I've repeated a past mistake with logging. I added too many things to my daily routine, and I simply didn't give it priority anymore.

My daily review never stayed within a single pomodoro, and quite often took up two. The value-time density decreased drastically.

The problem was a quantity of two categories:

  1. Logging things inefficiently in hopes that future me will use the data and improve methodology (probable waste of effort)
  2. Adding logs of things that are not worth tracking (complete waste of effort)

Examples of the first type would be my sleep questions. weight logging, and calorie logging. There are all worth doing, mind you, but I'm well past edidor prototype phase and instead need to save this data to a database and also actually chart these things and probably work on a consistent system of capturing all nutrition information.

Examples of the second would be the recent addition of daily goals in my log. Goals are good, but they aren't checklist items. They require rumination. Daily goals are the sort of things I'll do before the creation of a checklist.

I also simply need to prune the things I do on a daily basis. It can't grow past a certain point or I'll stop maintaining this habit at all. I have created these systems before and abandoned them after months of steadily increasing their responsibilities. Eventually, it is doing more than it can handle and becomes too unwieldy to use.

This diary, however, has outlasted all previous setups, so there is something tenacious here. A mutation and evolution is required at this point before it can grow into something even greater, however.

Developing my personal tools will be my main priority during my productive spare time going forward.

Writing that forces me to come to terms with my need to end my IGDA ties. I need to make a plan to end my volunteering with them without simply abandoning them. Having a conversation with fellow admins will be necessary.

There is probably some specific amount of work I can do, and can agree to do with my fellow admins before bowing out.

Daily Entry: November 23rd, 2018

So, another backlog only day.

Pokemon lost today:

  • Clueless the Clefairy
    • Critical hit by a fighting type pokemon
  • Horn the Rhyhorn
    • Horn drill (one-hit KO with 30% chance to hit)
  • Pitt the Pigeotto
    • Horn drill (same Pokemon as above)
  • Toothless the Golbat
    • Horn drill (same Pokemon as above)

Only have 6 pokemon left (was down to 5, but just caught one).

I also just straight up lost all my pokemon in a fight and that's a game over, but with no other option, really, I reloaded my last save.

So, really, my first Nuzlocke run ended before I got my fourth badge.

But I like this hard mode, so... I'll continue on with this one reset.... Okay, horn drill killed my Pikachu Todd and I wasn't having that, so I reset there. It ended up leading to losing way more pokemon and that full team wipe, though, so....

It's my first nuzlocke, and I haven't played pokemon in forever. I'm allowed some cheating!

Saw "The Greatest Showman" today. It was okay.

Daily Entry: November 22nd, 2018

Been a while. Not sure what to do about the... 11 missing days.

I think I'll just accept it.

I'm having a vacation in Indiana for Thanksgiving, which is today. Having a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'll make sure to log my timeblock for today before going to bed.

This diary became a bit too much work for me and I just... stopped doing it. I'll vastly reduce my daily responsibilities for a while so that I return to the habit.

There are some dreams I lost via my lack of logging. There are lots of uncounted calories, which I think are valuable and will return to it tomorrow.

I have bought the new Pokemon game for the Switch. Doing my first ever nuzlocke run. Sad I haven't documented stuff so far, have already forgotten how I lost some of my pokemon.

What I remember so far is:

  • Todd my starting Pikachu (still have)
  • Patt the Rattata (lost en route to the second gym)
    • Named after Patton Oswalt who played Remmy in Ratatouille
  • Pitt the Pidgey (currently a Pidgeotto)
    • Named after the character in Kid Icarus
  • Feetle the Weedle (currently a Beedrill)
    • Name given by nephew
  • Green the Bulbasaur (lost as an Ivysaur to a Diglett using Fissure)
    • Named after Pokemon Green
  • Clueless the Clefairy (alive and well)
  • Fred the Onyx (lost to a fighting pokemon I don't remember)
  • Psyduke the Psyduck (lost to a critical hit, I think)
    • Name given by nephew
  • Grabya the Abra (lost... sometime during the cruise ship?)
  • Tiny the Diglett (lost to a bide by a Geodude)
  • Nappily the Drowsee (lost to... a critical attack?)
  • Red the charmander (lost to a strong attack from another fire Pokemon)
    • Named after pokemon Red
  • Tigger the Growlithe (lost to a ghost pokemon's critical attack, most-recent loss...)
    • He looks like Tigger (and he was the only one ;_;)
  • George the second Onyx (still available)
    • Named after Fred and George in Harry Potter
  • Mr Krabs the Krabby (still in party)
    • Named after the character from spongebob
  • Horn the Rhyhorn (still in party)
  • Momo the Mew (got from my pokeball accessory) (not sure if I'll use)

And that's basically it. I remember more than I thought. Not sure what I want to do from here.

Timeblock in the log.

I think I'll let the previous posts be missing. And delete the blank ones. There may be logs of the past few days in a future post, but I won't backlog, I'll just have it be part of that day's post.

But for now it's time to hang more with family.