Hello, Stephan!

I am restarting my site from scratch. The server has a fresh install on it, and I just installed nginx. This is a quick edit of its "welcome" file.

Blogging should begin shortly.

Four Days Later

Personal project work begins now (03/06/17). I'd like to make this site something pleasant to look at and be a place where I present what I'm working on.

I'll be doing some thinking on everything I want to do and then scale back afterwards.

Today's goals are....

Huh. Making a list for that is actually a lot harder than I anticipated.

Let's consider next steps instead.

Next step: reset .vimrc file and start it from scratch

Wait, wait, wait. I've been wanting to switch to emacs for a while now. Now's a pretty good time. Or I could even try out sublime.

Let's ask a friend what editor he's using (last I checked, it was sublime).

Now I'm waiting on him. Let's think about an alternative next step.

Next step: time-stamped notes?

This is something I liked to do when I made notes way back when. It's a simple vim macro, so it's not putting too much work into an editor I may abandon.

From there, then, there are a series of actions I should do:

  1. Setup ssh-keys on this here reset server
  2. Setup vim.git repo on this here reset server
  3. Setup .vimrc as symbolic link to .vim/.vimrc
  4. Create timestamp shortcut in vim

ssh key setup

I have retrieved word from friend. He uses Sublime Text. All righty, then, I shall switch to that... eventually. He recommends reading through the entire manual first. Something I will do, but I want to focus on site stuff for right now.

Actually, he recommended checking out Atom or VSCode if I'm "just starting a new editor". Which is exactly what I'm doing. After a quick check of both editors' homepages, I'll go arbitrarily go with VSCode.

Okay, next step: download VSCode.

Going down some rabit holes trying to get it such that I can edit files on this server via VSCode.


Awesome. I am now editing this text file via VSCode.

That took way longer than it should've, because sometimes I can be stupid. I followed this blog post's instructions on how to edit files remotely with VSCode.

The reason it took me so long was a result of me not realizing I need VSCode to be running before running the rcode command on the server.

Literally all I had to do.

Next I suppose I should setup a node instance where my main site will run from.

Okay, stream of consciousness stuff is now in the diary area of my site. This main page will be completely remade later.