Daily Entry: June 30th, 2018

Sun Jul 01 04:12:23 UTC 2018

End of day review. Tomorrow I should be back to planning in the morning.

  • Sleep questions DONE
  • Weight SKIPPED
  • Tickler DONE
  • Physical Inbox DONE
  • Email Inbox DONE
  • Calendar DONE
  • Trello SKIPPED
  • Calorie Plan SKIPPED
  • Fill timeblock DONE
  • Slack SKIPPED
  • Digitize hand-written notes SKIPPED
  • Update the diary post as necessary DONE
  • Rotate password SKIPPED
  • Review last year DONE
  • Review last month DONE
  • Review last week DONE
  • Review yesterday DONE
  • Review the Day
    • What have you been doing at work? DONE
    • How's climbing going? DONE
    • How're personal projects going? DONE
    • Are there any insights you had today that are worth writing down? DONE
    • What have you been reading? DONE
    • What have you been watching? N/A
Sun Jul 01 04:13:05 UTC 2018

Morning sleep questions:

  • What time did you get into bed last night?
    • 2245
  • What time did you turn everything off and try to fall asleep?
    • 2300
  • How long did it take you to fall asleep?
    • 5 minutes
  • Did you wake up during the night? How often? How long were you awake total?
    • 0600: 5 minutes
  • What time was your final awakening this morning?
    • 0800
  • What time did you get out of bed?
    • 0800
  • Did anything unusual happen yesterday that might have affected your sleep? (illness, disturbances, emotional stress, etc.)
    • Drinking, another day in Tahoe
  • What is the total amount of time you slept last night in hours and minutes? (best estimate)
    • 8 hours 50 minutes
  • Did you take any medication that might have affected your sleep? What? When?
    • No

Evening sleep questions:

  • Did you nap today? How many times? When? How long?
    • No (forgot)
  • Did you consume any medicine that you do not take on a daily basis? What? How much? When?
    • No
  • Did you have any caffeinated or alcoholic beverages today? What? How much? When?
    • @0900 45 mg caffeine (decaf soy latte)
    • @1100 45 mg caffeine (decaf soy latte)
  • Please rate your average sleepiness today on a scale of 1 - 10. (1 = wide awake, 10 = very sleepy)
    • 4
  • What time did you start blocking blue light?
    • 1940
Sun Jul 01 04:21:29 UTC 2018
Time (PDT) Intention Revision 1 Revision 2
0000 SLEEP
0030 SLEEP
0100 SLEEP
0130 SLEEP
0200 SLEEP
0230 SLEEP
0300 SLEEP
0330 SLEEP
0400 SLEEP
0430 SLEEP
0500 SLEEP
0530 SLEEP
0600 SLEEP
0630 SLEEP
0700 SLEEP
0730 SLEEP
0800 Morning routine
0830 Walk to Northstar
0900 Breakfast
0930 Backlog Yesterday
1000 Hanging
1030 Hanging
1100 Hanging
1130 Hanging
1200 Hanging
1230 Hanging
1300 Hanging
1330 Hanging
1400 Loading the bus
1430 Bus to Reno
1500 Bus to Reno
1530 Airport
1600 Airport
1630 Airport
1700 Boarding
1730 Flight
1800 Flight
1830 Flight
1900 Flight
1930 Light rail home
2000 Walk home
2030 Time with Wife
2100 Pomodoro: End of day review
2130 Winding down
2200 SLEEP
2230 SLEEP
2300 SLEEP
2330 SLEEP
Sun Jul 01 04:23:17 UTC 2018

Last year, I broke a string of silence. It was to make a vow of removing reddit from my life. It took almost another year before I finally stopped properly. I have confidence it will last. I'm also hopeful that twitter has joined reddit now.

Sun Jul 01 04:25:08 UTC 2018

Last month is when I started making the planning part of my day a pomodoro. I did this pomodoro at work, but decided I should start doing it at home. This ended up being very powerful, past me. Thank you.

Also of note, I jumped right back into my routine after coming back from a weekend with family. Super cool.

Sun Jul 01 04:27:16 UTC 2018

Last week, I had a bad experience trying to go to comic con with my wife. I felt like my reaction to this bad experience was an improvement over previous such things, and so I counted the whole ordeal as a small victory. Next time, though, I'll make plans to force a refund.

Sun Jul 01 04:29:30 UTC 2018

I wrote about yesterday today, so I don't feel the need to review it.

Sun Jul 01 04:30:21 UTC 2018

I don't think a play-by-play of today is valuable. There was a lot of hanging out, and even some FTL. Instead of that, which was fun and useful for vacation purposes, let's get back to the checklist.

Work starts again on Monday. I'll be doing two workdays out of office (one from home on Tuesday, and one from Vancouver on Thursday). I want to get to a crappy MVP that we push in front of customers and iterate on quickly. My mentor at work gave some good advice there, I think.

Climbing also begins again on Monday, and I'm curious to see what'll be new at the gym.

Sun Jul 01 04:32:45 UTC 2018

The last week wasn't particularly kind to my personal projects. Tomorrow morning, before the wife wakes up, I'd like to get in an hour of timer remaking. But I also still need to do my weekly review, which is more important.

Sun Jul 01 04:33:33 UTC 2018

So, over the Tahoe work retreat, I skimmed Visualizing Data. This is one of those fun accomplishments where having developed a system (starting from a core of GTD) to capture every little thing has helped past me remind future me of little goals like reading this book.

And I'll talk a bit more about my history with this book and what I got out of this book tomorrow.

Also, I finished 7 Habits, and will talk about what I got out of that book a little tomorrow, as well.