Daily Entry: August 16th, 2019


Time (PDT) Intention Revision 1 Revision 2
0000 SLEEP
0030 SLEEP
0100 SLEEP
0130 SLEEP
0200 SLEEP
0230 SLEEP
0300 SLEEP
0330 SLEEP
0400 SLEEP
0430 SLEEP
0500 Morning routine
0530 Coffee and rumination
0600 Pomodoro: Organization
0630 Walking to climb gym
0700 Stretching
0730 Walking home Walk to work
0800 Walking to work Start of work routine
0830 Start of work routine Minor browsing
0900 Pomodoro: JIRA Pomodoro: Mixpanel play
0930 Pomodoro: JIRA Pomodoro: Mixpanel play
1000 Pomodoro: JIRA Pomodoro: API speedup
1030 Pomodoro: JIRA Pomodoro: API speedup
1100 Buffer Walk to Chipotle
1130 Lunch
1200 Lunch
1230 Buffer TV: YouTube
1300 NAP
1330 Buffer Walk home
1400 Pomodoro: JIRA Hanging out
1430 Pomodoro: JIRA Pomodoro: API speedup
1500 Pomodoro: JIRA Pomodoro: API speedup
1530 Pomodoro: JIRA Pomodoro: API speedup
1600 Buffer Pomodoro: API speedup
1630 Buffer Pomodoro: API speedup
1700 Walk home Pomodoro: API speedup
1730 Buffer Walk to Sizzle Pie
1800 Hanging out Dining out with friend
1830 Hanging out Dining out with friend
1900 Gaming: Factorio Hanging out
1930 Gaming: Factorio Hanging out
2000 Gaming: Factorio Winding down
2030 Winding down SLEEP
2100 SLEEP
2130 SLEEP
2200 SLEEP
2230 SLEEP
2300 SLEEP
2330 SLEEP


Did a little bit of Twitter today, but it was curiousity over someone whom I've never read their Twitter before. I stopped shortly there-after. We'll see if that triggers anything, though.

Once again I'm doing my organization at home basically first thing. Meaning once again it'll count as a personal pomodoro. Which I like. It means work pomodoros will be more explicitly nose to grindstone.

Overdid it a bit yesterday, exercise-wise. I don't think it's related, but I also woke up with a crink in my neck. Hopefully stretching helps even it out. Today will be just walking (no running) and also just stretching at the gym.

According to my fitbit, I burned 4930 calories yesterday (BMR + exercise). I feel like that can't be accurate. According to cronometer, I ate 4516 calories yesterday. That I do believe. When I weighed myself this morning, it was 219 pounds, but I weigh myself first thing, before any bathroom shenanigans. I'll just have to continue using the apps for a while and see how my trending weight compares with these numbers.

Time to go stretch.