Daily Entry: August 22nd, 2019


Time (PDT) Intention Revision 1 Revision 2
0000 SLEEP
0030 SLEEP
0100 SLEEP
0130 SLEEP
0200 SLEEP
0230 SLEEP
0300 SLEEP
0330 SLEEP
0400 SLEEP
0430 SLEEP
0500 Morning routine
0530 Coffee and rumination and TV: YouTube
0600 Pomodoro: Planning
0630 Walk to work Inefficiency time sink
0700 Stretching Walk to work
0730 Start of work routine Walk to work
0800 Pomodoro: Reports Start of work routine
0830 Pomodoro: Reports
0900 Pomodoro: Reports Pomodoro: SF Trip Plan
0930 Buffer Pomodoro: Reports
1000 Meeting: Data Gov All-hands
1030 Meeting: Data Gov All-hands
1100 NAP
1130 Meeting: Survey
1200 Lunch
1230 Meeting: SPEED
1300 Meeting: SPEED
1330 Meeting: SPEED
1400 Meeting: SPEED
1430 Offsite
1500 Offsite
1530 Offsite
1600 Offsite
1630 Offsite
1700 Walk home Walk to office
1730 Buffer Walk to office
1800 Cooking Walk to office
1830 Cooking Walk to event
1900 TV: Young Justice Leave event early
1930 Gaming: Factorio Office shenanigans
2000 Gaming: Factorio Walk home
2030 Winding down Hanging out
2100 SLEEP Winding down
2130 SLEEP
2200 SLEEP
2230 SLEEP
2300 SLEEP
2330 SLEEP


So, last weekend, to work around the wife's ideal coffee schedule, I took a nap early at 1100. Both days. And both days the nap was glorious. On Monday, the nap wasn't anything notable, and on Tuesday it was bad, so yesterday I tried 1100 again. It was again amazing.

I believe that 1100 is a better nap time. I think it also leads naturally to me being tired earlier in the day, which should further help stabilize my sleep. So, 1100 naps from now on. My energy levels yesterday were considerably better than the day before, even with the poor sleep. Though I will possibly be paying for that poor sleep today. We shall see.

Today is a day full of meetings, and as such I will practice my flexibility, skip the gym, stretch at work, and try to get a few pomodoros of work in before the endless day of meetings.

I had two weird dreams last night. The first one was a nightmare involving Evil Dead-esque shenanigans. The second one was a mundane watching TV with family dream, but various things about it didn't make sense. I don't really have much more to say about either.

Time to go to work.