Daily Entry: October 15th, 2019


Time (PDT) Plan Reality
0000 SLEEP
0030 SLEEP
0100 SLEEP
0130 SLEEP
0200 SLEEP
0230 SLEEP
0300 SLEEP
0330 SLEEP Pagerduty
0400 SLEEP
0430 SLEEP
0500 Morning routine SLEEP
0530 Coffee and rumination SLEEP
0600 Pomodoro: Planning SLEEP
0630 SLEEP
0700 Morning routine
0730 Coffee and YouTube
0800 Wake up wife
0830 Reading: Solo Exchange Diary Vol 2
0900 Walk to work
0930 Slack
1000 Stretching
1030 Start of work routine
1100 Pomodoro: Planning
1130 Pomodoro: Lexicon Workspaces FE Pomodoro: Organization
1200 Lunch
1230 Lunch
1300 NAP
1330 Buffer Mixpanel possibilities exploration
1400 Pomodoro: Lexicon Workspaces FE
1430 Sensitive Data Followup
1500 Buffer Ping pong
1530 Pomodoro: Lexicon Workspaces FE Ping pong
1600 Pomodoro: Lexicon Workspaces FE
1630 Buffer Pomodoro: Lexicon Workspaces FE
1700 Walk home Pomodoro: Lexicon Workspaces FE
1730 Buffer Packing up
1800 Shower/Stretching Walk home
1830 Cooking
1900 Cooking
1930 Hanging out
2000 Listening: Harry Potter 5 Shower
2030 Winding down
2100 SLEEP
2130 SLEEP
2200 SLEEP
2230 SLEEP
2300 SLEEP
2330 SLEEP


Karma happened at 0330 this morning. I got paged as secondary. Like how I got my boss paged last Sunday when I was primary. Found it entertaining.

When sleep gets interrupted like that, I have decided to sleep in. If outside sources funk with my sleep, this is good. If I wake up early, got to nip that in the bud before it blooms into a habit. I'll try to wake up at 0500 tomorrow morning as long as I don't get woken up from outside sources.

There was something missing from my mortgage vs rent calculation: tax deductions on mortgage interest. My basic understanding is that I pay interest on my mortgage in pre-tax dollars. Which is very significant at my pay level.