Daily Entry: January 16th, 2020


Time (PST) Plan Reality
0000 SLEEP
0030 SLEEP
0100 SLEEP
0130 SLEEP
0200 SLEEP
0230 SLEEP
0300 SLEEP
0330 SLEEP
0400 SLEEP
0430 Waking up
0500 Coffee and training cat
0530 Pomodoro: Planning TV: YouTube
0600 Pomodoro: Planning
0630 Pomodoro: Organization
0700 Wake up wife
0730 Getting ready
0800 Walk to work
0830 Buffer Stretching
0900 Stretching Start of work routine
0930 Start of work routine Pomodoro: Lexicon Export Bugfix
1000 Buffer Body composition test scheduling
1030 Pomodoro: Lexicon Export Bugfix
1100 Pomodoro: Lexicon Export Bugfix Pomodoro: Thinking
1130 Buffer Pomodoro: Lexicon Export Bugfix
1200 Lunch
1230 NAP
1300 Post-nap coffee
1330 Meeting: Data Management Standup
1400 Buffer Cleaning desk
1430 Pomodoro: 1/1 Prep Ping pong
1500 Meeting: 1/1 with Alex
1530 Buffer Ping pong
1600 Pomodoro: Lexicon Export Bugfix Browsing: Internet
1630 Buffer Browsing: Internet
1700 Happy hour goodbye for Noj
1730 Happy hour goodbye for Noj
1800 Walk home Happy hour goodbye for Noj
1830 Buffer Happy hour goodbye for Noj
1900 Hanging out Happy hour goodbye for Noj
1930 Hanging out Happy hour goodbye for Noj
2000 Hanging out Walk home
2030 Winding down Studying Japanese
2100 SLEEP Studying Japanese
2130 SLEEP Winding down
2200 SLEEP
2230 SLEEP
2300 SLEEP
2330 SLEEP


I didn't like the spanish deck I downloaded from Anki. I might want to try building a deck over time with Rosse. Might want to dive in on Saturday with "spanish only". We'll see.

I found a 10k sentence deck that may be good. I'll try adding it.

Had a solid morning of organization today.

Downtime Work Thinking

Waiting for logs to load. And typically this is an excellent excuse to do some aimless meandering. But there are other things I could do with this time. I could do my 1/1 prep early, for instance. Which I think I'll do.